CAS’s proxy impact scores measure how asset management firms and the individual funds they offer are using their voting rights to influence the companies they own shares in.

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Firm Ratings

Fig. 1 — Firm level scores for all firms in our data set with at least five CAS-rated votes in the past three proxy years and at least $100m in assets under management. Firms are identified by their name, their weighted average CAS score, and a column identifying their AUM range. “Tier” columns identify which quartile the firm sits in among all firms on the list.

Parent NameCAS Proxy Impact ScoreSizeProxy Impact Ranking
PIMCO0.95$50b +Tier 1
Allianz Global Investors0.89$50b +Tier 2
First Trust Advisors0.87$50b +Tier 2
Massachusetts Financial Services Company0.83$50b +Tier 2
AllianceBernstein0.82$50b +Tier 2
Columbia Threadneedle0.80$50b +Tier 2
Wells Fargo Funds Management0.76$50b +Tier 2
American Century Investment Management0.75$50b +Tier 2
Cohen & Steers Capital Management0.74$50b +Tier 2
Northern Trust0.73$50b +Tier 2
Delaware / Ivy0.68$50b +Tier 2
Voya Investment Management0.63$50b +Tier 3
Lord Abbett & Co.0.63$50b +Tier 3
Thrivent Investment Management0.62$50b +Tier 3
Artisan Partners0.60$50b +Tier 3
TIAA-CREF Asset Management0.60$50b +Tier 3
Federated Hermes0.60$50b +Tier 3
Nuveen Asset Management0.57$50b +Tier 3
Goldman Sachs Asset Management (US)0.56$50b +Tier 3
Invesco0.52$50b +Tier 3
Charles Schwab Investment Management0.47$50b +Tier 3
JPMorgan Asset Management0.44$50b +Tier 3
First Eagle Investment Management0.42$50b +Tier 3
T. Rowe Price Associates0.42$50b +Tier 3
Capital Research & Management Co.0.39$50b +Tier 3
Putnam Investment Management0.36$50b +Tier 3
BlackRock Advisors0.30$50b +Tier 3
Janus Henderson0.27$50b +Tier 3
State Street Global Advisors0.26$50b +Tier 3
Fidelity0.18$50b +Tier 4
Franklin Templeton0.17$50b +Tier 4
Vanguard Group0.16$50b +Tier 4
Dodge & Cox0.07$50b +Tier 4
Olive Street Investment Advisers0.06$50b +Tier 4
Dimensional Fund Advisors0.04$50b +Tier 4
Parnassus Investments1.00$10-50bTier 1
William Blair Capital Management1.00$10-50bTier 1
Compass Efficient Model Portfolios1.00$10-50bTier 1
Royce & Associates1.00$10-50bTier 1
Alphacentric0.99$10-50bTier 1
Calvert Research And Management0.99$10-50bTier 1
Optique Capital Management0.97$10-50bTier 1
Deutsche Asset Management0.97$10-50bTier 1
Eaton Vance Management0.96$10-50bTier 1
Robert W. Baird & Co.0.95$10-50bTier 1
Fred Alger Management0.95$10-50bTier 1
Touchstone Funds0.94$10-50bTier 1
Brown Advisory0.93$10-50bTier 1
Wasatch Advisors0.90$10-50bTier 2
Principal Management Corporation0.90$10-50bTier 2
Victory Capital Management0.90$10-50bTier 2
Bamco0.90$10-50bTier 2
Pioneer Investments0.87$10-50bTier 2
Natixis Asset Management Advisors0.84$10-50bTier 2
Guggenheim Investment Management0.83$10-50bTier 2
Morgan Stanley Investment Management0.82$10-50bTier 2
ProFund / ProShare0.82$10-50bTier 2
Bessemer Investment Management0.81$10-50bTier 2
Lazard Asset Management (US)0.79$10-50bTier 2
Cambiar Investors0.76$10-50bTier 2
Alps Advisers0.73$10-50bTier 2
Russell Investment Group0.70$10-50bTier 2
Global X Management Company0.69$10-50bTier 2
BNY Mellon0.69$10-50bTier 2
Loomis, Sayles & Co.0.69$10-50bTier 2
Van Eck Associates Corporation0.66$10-50bTier 3
Investment Managers Series0.61$10-50bTier 3
Virtus Investment Advisers0.59$10-50bTier 3
Neuberger Berman0.59$10-50bTier 3
WisdomTree Asset Management0.57$10-50bTier 3
DBX Strategic Advisors0.53$10-50bTier 3
American Beacon Funds0.53$10-50bTier 3
Harbor Funds0.52$10-50bTier 3
The Dreyfus Corporation0.46$10-50bTier 3
Exchange Traded Concepts0.43$10-50bTier 3
Ark Investment Management0.40$10-50bTier 3
Pacer Advisors0.38$10-50bTier 3
Brinker Capital0.34$10-50bTier 3
Thornburg Investment Management0.28$10-50bTier 3
First Pacific Advisors0.20$10-50bTier 4
Davis Advisers0.04$10-50bTier 4
Managers Investment Group0.04$10-50bTier 4
Harris Associates0.03$10-50bTier 4
Calamos Asset Management0.02$10-50bTier 4
Primecap Management Co.0.00$10-50bTier 4
Diamond Hill Capital Management0.00$10-50bTier 4
Tweedy, Browne Company0.00$10-50bTier 4
Domini Social Investments1.00$1-10bTier 1
MMA Capital Management1.00$1-10bTier 1
Pax World Management Corp1.00$1-10bTier 1
Ariel Capital Management0.99$1-10bTier 1
Chartwell Investment Partners0.99$1-10bTier 1
Aspen Partners0.99$1-10bTier 1
1919 Investment Counsel0.99$1-10bTier 1
Causeway Capital Management0.99$1-10bTier 1
Glenmede Investment Management0.97$1-10bTier 1
Pear Tree Advisors0.97$1-10bTier 1
M&I Investment Management Corp0.96$1-10bTier 1
Stone Ridge Asset Management0.95$1-10bTier 1
Symmetry Partners0.95$1-10bTier 1
Brookfield Investment Management0.95$1-10bTier 1
Blackstone Alternative Asset Management0.94$1-10bTier 1
Schroder Investment Management North America (Simna)0.94$1-10bTier 1
Osterweis Capital Management0.92$1-10bTier 1
Tocqueville Asset Management0.91$1-10bTier 1
Nicholas Company0.90$1-10bTier 2
Independent Franchise Partners0.90$1-10bTier 2
Rafferty Asset Management0.87$1-10bTier 2
Bridgeway Capital Management0.87$1-10bTier 2
1st Source Corporation Investment Advisers0.86$1-10bTier 2
TCW Asset Management Co0.85$1-10bTier 2
Sterling Capital Management0.84$1-10bTier 2
MTB Investment Advisors0.84$1-10bTier 2
Horizon Investments0.84$1-10bTier 2
Saturna Capital Corporation0.82$1-10bTier 2
Shelton Capital Management0.82$1-10bTier 2
Sit Investment Associates0.82$1-10bTier 2
Meeder Asset Management0.81$1-10bTier 2
Voyageur Asset Management0.73$1-10bTier 2
Amplify Investments0.73$1-10bTier 2
Hotchkis & Wiley Capital Management0.71$1-10bTier 2
IQ Investment Advisors0.69$1-10bTier 2
Assetmark Investment Services0.68$1-10bTier 2
Thompson Investment Management0.67$1-10bTier 2
Active Weighting Advisors0.67$1-10bTier 2
Wilshire Associates Incorporated0.60$1-10bTier 3
Lattice Strategies0.58$1-10bTier 3
UBS Global Asset Management (Americas)0.56$1-10bTier 3
Aberdeen Asset Management Limited0.54$1-10bTier 3
Commerce Investment Advisors0.50$1-10bTier 3
Factor Advisors0.50$1-10bTier 3
Homestead Funds0.47$1-10bTier 3
Arrowpoint Asset Management0.47$1-10bTier 3
Payden & Rygel0.46$1-10bTier 3
PMC Funds0.43$1-10bTier 3
Heartland Advisors0.37$1-10bTier 3
Value Line0.34$1-10bTier 3
Toroso Investments0.24$1-10bTier 4
General Electric Asset Management0.16$1-10bTier 4
Duff & Phelps Investment0.13$1-10bTier 4
Davenport & Company0.11$1-10bTier 4
Frontegra Asset Management0.05$1-10bTier 4
Hennessy Advisors0.03$1-10bTier 4
Steward Funds0.02$1-10bTier 4
Highland Capital Management0.01$1-10bTier 4
Gamco0.01$1-10bTier 4
Congress Asset Management0.00$1-10bTier 4
Fiduciary Asset Management0.00$1-10bTier 4
Jensen Investment Management0.00$1-10bTier 4
Leuthold Weeden Capital Management0.00$1-10bTier 4
Marsico Capital Management0.00$1-10bTier 4
Miller Value Funds0.00$1-10bTier 4
Munder Capital Management0.00$1-10bTier 4
RiverPark Advisors0.00$1-10bTier 4
Ruane, Cunniff & Goldfarb0.00$1-10bTier 4
Smead Capital Management0.00$1-10bTier 4
Weitz Investment Management0.00$1-10bTier 4
Westchester Capital Management0.00$1-10bTier 4
Green Century Capital Management1.00$500 - 999mTier 1
Knights Of Columbus Asset Advisors1.00$500 - 999mTier 1
Main Management Fund Advisors1.00$500 - 999mTier 1
Johnson Investment Counsel0.96$500 - 999mTier 1
James Advantage Funds0.96$500 - 999mTier 1
Luther King Capital Management Corporation0.95$500 - 999mTier 1
Coho Partners0.94$500 - 999mTier 1
Oak Associates0.93$500 - 999mTier 1
Credit Suisse Asset Management0.92$500 - 999mTier 1
Burnham Asset Management Corp0.92$500 - 999mTier 1
Hancock Horizon0.91$500 - 999mTier 1
Wesbanco Investment Department0.91$500 - 999mTier 1
Engine No. 10.89$500 - 999mTier 2
Toews Corporation0.86$500 - 999mTier 2
Advent Capital Management0.67$500 - 999mTier 2
Icon Advisers0.61$500 - 999mTier 3
Spirit Of America Management Corp0.56$500 - 999mTier 3
Tributary Capital Management0.36$500 - 999mTier 3
Zweig Advisers0.23$500 - 999mTier 4
City National Rochdale0.06$500 - 999mTier 4
Empowered Funds0.01$500 - 999mTier 4
Teton Advisors0.00$500 - 999mTier 4
Trimtabs Asset Management0.00$500 - 999mTier 4
Boston Common Asset Management1.00$100 - 499mTier 1
Quaker Funds1.00$100 - 499mTier 1
Kinetics Asset Management0.99$100 - 499mTier 1
Toreador Research & Trading0.97$100 - 499mTier 1
Matrix Asset Advisors0.96$100 - 499mTier 1
Mutual Of America Capital Management Corporation0.96$100 - 499mTier 1
Pacific Global Investment Management Company0.96$100 - 499mTier 1
Prospector Partners Asset Management0.95$100 - 499mTier 1
DDJ Capital Management0.95$100 - 499mTier 1
Energy Income Partners0.94$100 - 499mTier 1
Fulcrum Asset Management0.93$100 - 499mTier 1
Innovator Management0.92$100 - 499mTier 1
O'Shaughnessy Asset Management0.90$100 - 499mTier 2
Edgar Lomax0.88$100 - 499mTier 2
Scharf Investments0.83$100 - 499mTier 2
Westfield Capital0.82$100 - 499mTier 2
Weiss Multi-Strategy Advisers0.78$100 - 499mTier 2
SF Advisors0.72$100 - 499mTier 2
Fiera Capital0.72$100 - 499mTier 2
FFCM0.70$100 - 499mTier 2
Graniteshares Advisors0.70$100 - 499mTier 2
Millington Securities0.68$100 - 499mTier 2
Becker Capital Management0.68$100 - 499mTier 2
Huber Funds0.61$100 - 499mTier 3
Haverford Trust Company0.59$100 - 499mTier 3
North Country Investment Advisers0.58$100 - 499mTier 3
Locorr Fund Management0.57$100 - 499mTier 3
Easterly Funds0.55$100 - 499mTier 3
Principal Global Investors0.53$100 - 499mTier 3
North Square Investments0.50$100 - 499mTier 3
Evercore Wealth Management0.49$100 - 499mTier 3
Davidson Investment Advisors0.49$100 - 499mTier 3
Ancora Advisors0.48$100 - 499mTier 3
Centre Asset Management0.48$100 - 499mTier 3
Aperture Investors0.19$100 - 499mTier 4
Cushing MLP Asset Management0.18$100 - 499mTier 4
Morningstar Investment Management0.12$100 - 499mTier 4
Capital Impact Advisors0.03$100 - 499mTier 4
Poplar Forest Partners0.01$100 - 499mTier 4
Needham Investment Management0.01$100 - 499mTier 4
Cavanal Hill Investment Management0.01$100 - 499mTier 4
Bragg Capital Trust0.00$100 - 499mTier 4
Bridges Investment Management0.00$100 - 499mTier 4
Bright Rock Funds0.00$100 - 499mTier 4
Clough Capital Partners0.00$100 - 499mTier 4
Cutler Investment Counsel0.00$100 - 499mTier 4
Dearborn Partners0.00$100 - 499mTier 4
Intrepid Capital Management0.00$100 - 499mTier 4
SRN Advisors0.00$100 - 499mTier 4
The Investment House0.00$100 - 499mTier 4
Torray Investment Partners0.00$100 - 499mTier 4
YCG Investments0.00$100 - 499mTier 4

Individual Fund Ratings

Fig. 2 — Fund-level scores for all funds with at least $50m in assets under management (AUM) and at least five CAS-rated votes in the past three proxy years. Funds are identified by their parent company, their name, their CAS score, and a column identifying their AUM range. “Tier” columns identify which quartile the fund sits in among all funds on the list.

Fund NameTickerParent NameCAS Proxy Impact ScoreSizeProxy Impact Ranking
William Blair Large Cap Growth FundLCGNXWilliam Blair Capital Management1$1b+Tier 1
Columbia Mid Cap Index FundNMPAXColumbia Threadneedle1$1b+Tier 1
Pioneer Select Mid Cap Growth FundPSMKXPioneer Investments1$1b+Tier 1
DWS Capital Growth FundSDGAXDeutsche Asset Management1$1b+Tier 1
DWS Rreef Real Assets FundAAAWXDeutsche Asset Management1$1b+Tier 1
DWS Core Equity FundSUWTXDeutsche Asset Management1$1b+Tier 1
Templeton Foreign FundFTFGXFranklin Templeton1$1b+Tier 1
Templeton World FundTEMWXFranklin Templeton1$1b+Tier 1
3372 JH ESG All Cap Core FundJHKAXJohn Hancock Funds1$1b+Tier 1
Alger Capital Appreciation Institutional FundALARXFred Alger Management1$1b+Tier 1
Alger Capital Appreciation FundACAAXFred Alger Management1$1b+Tier 1
Alger Spectra FundASPIXFred Alger Management1$1b+Tier 1
Alger Focus Equity FundALAFXFred Alger Management1$1b+Tier 1
Parnassus Core Equity FundPRBLXParnassus Investments1$1b+Tier 1
Parnassus Endeavor FundPFPWXParnassus Investments1$1b+Tier 1
Pax Large Cap FundPXLIXPax World Management Corp1$1b+Tier 1
Northern Global Sustainability Index FundNSRIXNorthern Trust1$1b+Tier 1
Eq/Mid Cap Index PortfolioAXA Equitable Funds Management Group1$1b+Tier 1
Xtrackers MSCI USA ESG Leaders Equity ETFUSSGDBX Strategic Advisors1$1b+Tier 1
Virtus Allianz Global Investors Income And Growth Fund (Formerly Allianz Global Investors Income And Growth Fund)AZNIXAllianz Global Investors1$1b+Tier 1
Northern Global Sustainability Index FundNSRIXNorthern Trust1$1b+Tier 1
Victoryshares US EQ Income Enhanced Volatility WTD ETFCDCCompass Efficient Model Portfolios1$1b+Tier 1
Victory Market Neutral Income FundCBHAXCompass Efficient Model Portfolios1$1b+Tier 1
Templeton Growth FundFTGFXFranklin Templeton1$1b+Tier 1
Invesco Global Allocation FundQVGIXInvesco1$1b+Tier 1
Invesco Global FundOPPAXInvesco1$1b+Tier 1
Invesco V.I. Global FundOPGBVNSInvesco1$1b+Tier 1
Invesco Capital Appreciation FundOPTFXInvesco0.99$1b+Tier 1
AQR Large Cap Defensive Style FundQUERXOptique Capital Management0.99$1b+Tier 1
Invesco Main Street All Cap Fund (R)OMSOXInvesco0.99$1b+Tier 1
Artisan Global Opportunities FundAPHRXArtisan Partners0.99$1b+Tier 1
Alliancebernstein Growth & Income FundCABDXAllianceBernstein0.99$1b+Tier 1
Invesco Main Street Fund (R)OMSIXInvesco0.99$1b+Tier 1
USAA Nasdaq-100 Index FundURNQXUSAA Investment Management Company0.99$1b+Tier 1
Alps Core Commodity Management Completecommoditiessm Strategy FundJCRAXAspen Partners0.99$1b+Tier 1
Calvert U.S. Large Cap Core Responsible Index FundCSXRXCalvert Research And Management0.99$1b+Tier 1
Calvert U.S. Large Cap Value Responsible Index FundCFJAXCalvert Research And Management0.99$1b+Tier 1
USAA Cornerstone Moderately Aggressive FundUSCRXUSAA Investment Management Company0.99$1b+Tier 1
USAA Cornerstone Moderate FundUSBSXUSAA Investment Management Company0.99$1b+Tier 1
Schwab U.S. Mid-Cap ETFSCHMCharles Schwab Investment Management0.99$1b+Tier 1
Clearbridge All Cap Value FundSHFVXFranklin Templeton0.99$1b+Tier 1
Virtus NFJ Mid-Cap Value Fund (Formerly Allianz Global Investors Mid-Cap Value Fund)PRNIXAllianz Global Investors0.98$1b+Tier 1
USAA Growth & Income FundUIGIXUSAA Investment Management Company0.98$1b+Tier 1
Invesco Charter FundCHFTXInvesco0.98$1b+Tier 1
USAA Income Stock FundUSISXUSAA Investment Management Company0.98$1b+Tier 1
Pioneer Equity Income FundPEQIXPioneer Investments0.98$1b+Tier 1
NT Focused Large Cap ValueACLLXAmerican Century Investment Management0.98$1b+Tier 1
Mainstay Income Builder FundMTXVXNew York Life Investment Management0.98$1b+Tier 1
Eaton Vance Large Cap Value FundERLVXEaton Vance Management0.97$1b+Tier 1
Equity IncomeACIIXAmerican Century Investment Management0.97$1b+Tier 1
Thrivent Large Cap Growth PortfolioQTLCGXThrivent Investment Management0.97$1b+Tier 1
Ab Relative Value FundCBBIXAllianceBernstein0.97$1b+Tier 1
Brown Advisory Global Leaders FundBIALXBrown Advisory0.97$1b+Tier 1
BNY Mellon Midcap Index FundDMIDXThe Dreyfus Corporation0.97$1b+Tier 1
Quantitative U.S. Large Cap Growth Equity PortfolioGTLLXGlenmede Investment Management0.97$1b+Tier 1
USAA Aggressive Growth FundUIAGXUSAA Investment Management Company0.97$1b+Tier 1
Invesco Rising Dividends FundOARDXInvesco0.96$1b+Tier 1
Principal U.S. Mega-Cap Multi-Factor Index ETFUSMCPrincipal Management Corporation0.96$1b+Tier 1
Mainstay Epoch U.S. Equity Yield FundEPLPXNew York Life Investment Management0.96$1b+Tier 1
6721 500 Index BJFIVXJohn Hancock Funds0.96$1b+Tier 1
USAA S&P 500 Index FundUSSPXUSAA Investment Management Company0.96$1b+Tier 1
Calvert Balanced FundCBAIXCalvert Research And Management0.96$1b+Tier 1
Gateway FundGATEXNatixis Asset Management Advisors0.96$1b+Tier 1
Putnam Equity Income FundPEYAXPutnam Investment Management0.96$1b+Tier 1
Tst Large Cap Focused FundSCRLXTouchstone Funds0.96$1b+Tier 1
Flexshares(R) Quality Dividend Index FundQDFNorthern Trust0.95$1b+Tier 1
Clearbridge Large Cap Growth FundLCMMXFranklin Templeton0.95$1b+Tier 1
First Trust Dow Jones Internet Index FundFDNFirst Trust Advisors0.95$1b+Tier 1
First Trust Cloud Computing ETFSKYYFirst Trust Advisors0.95$1b+Tier 1
Brown Advisory Sustainable Growth FundBAFWXBrown Advisory0.95$1b+Tier 1
First Trust Morningstar Dividend Leaders Index FundFDLFirst Trust Advisors0.95$1b+Tier 1
Alliancebernstein Wealth Appreciation Strategy PortfolioAWAYXAllianceBernstein0.95$1b+Tier 1
First Trust Nasdaq-100-Technology Sector Index FundQTECFirst Trust Advisors0.95$1b+Tier 1
Lazard US Equity Concentrated PortfolioRLUEXLazard Asset Management (US)0.94$1b+Tier 1
Blackstone Alternative Multi-Strategy FundBXMIXBlackstone Alternative Asset Management0.94$1b+Tier 1
Columbia Large Cap Growth Opportunity FundNFEPXColumbia Threadneedle0.94$1b+Tier 1
First Trust Nasdaq-100 Equal Weighted Index FundQQEWFirst Trust Advisors0.94$1b+Tier 1
Proshares Ultra QQQQLDProFund / ProShare0.94$1b+Tier 1
Proshares Ultrapro QQQTQQQProFund / ProShare0.94$1b+Tier 1
Nasdaq-100(R) FundRYOCXGuggenheim Investment Management0.94$1b+Tier 1
Equity Income FundPEIIXPrincipal Management Corporation0.94$1b+Tier 1
Invesco Sandp 500 (R) Pure Growth ETFRPGInvesco0.94$1b+Tier 1
The Hartford Dividend And Growth FundHDGVXHartford Investment Financial Services0.94$1b+Tier 1
Allianz Global Investors Income & Growth FundAZNTXAllianz Global Investors0.94$1b+Tier 1
Columbia Seligman Global Technology FundCCHRXColumbia Threadneedle0.93$1b+Tier 1
Thrivent Large Cap Growth FundTHLCXThrivent Investment Management0.93$1b+Tier 1
MFS Technology FundMTCLXMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.93$1b+Tier 1
JPMorgan Mid Cap Growth FundJMGFXJPMorgan Asset Management0.93$1b+Tier 1
Massachusetts Investors Growth Stock FundEISTXMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.93$1b+Tier 1
Hartford Core Equity FundHGICXHartford Investment Financial Services0.92$1b+Tier 1
CIBC Atlas Disciplined Equity FundAWEIXCIBC Asset Management0.92$1b+Tier 1
First Trust Value Line(R) Dividend Index FundFVDFirst Trust Advisors0.92$1b+Tier 1
Horizon Active Risk Assist FundACRIXHorizon Investments0.92$1b+Tier 1
First Trust Capital Strength ETFFTCSFirst Trust Advisors0.92$1b+Tier 1
The Hartford Capital Appreciation FundITHVXHartford Investment Financial Services0.92$1b+Tier 1
MFS Global Equity FundMWEFXMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.92$1b+Tier 1
First Trust Industrials/Producer Durables Alphadex(R) FundFXRFirst Trust Advisors0.92$1b+Tier 1
Optimum Large Cap Value FundOALVXDelaware / Ivy0.91$1b+Tier 1
MFS Growth FundMFECXMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.91$1b+Tier 1
MFS Variable Insurance Trust - MFS Growth SeriesMFSGROIMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.91$1b+Tier 1
Invesco Oppenheimer Main Street Fund (R)MSIGXInvesco0.91$1b+Tier 1
Columbia Global Technology Growth FundCMTFXColumbia Threadneedle0.91$1b+Tier 1
Artisan International FundARTIXArtisan Partners0.91$1b+Tier 1
Nationwide FundMUIFXNationwide Fund Advisors0.91$1b+Tier 1
First Trust Natural Gas ETFFCGFirst Trust Advisors0.91$1b+Tier 1
Columbia Variable Portfolio - Large Cap Growth FundCVPLCG1Columbia Threadneedle0.9$1b+Tier 1
Mainstay Winslow Large Cap Growth Fund (FKA Mainstay Large Cap Growth Fund)MLAAXNew York Life Investment Management0.9$1b+Tier 1
Schwab Fundamental US Small Company Index Fund (FKASFSNXCharles Schwab Investment Management0.9$1b+Tier 1
Schwab Fundamental U.S. Small Company Index ETFFNDACharles Schwab Investment Management0.9$1b+Tier 1
Sterling Capital Equity Income FundSTREXSterling Capital Management0.9$1b+Tier 1
Goldman Sachs MLP Energy Infrastructure FundGLPIXGoldman Sachs Asset Management (US)0.9$1b+Tier 1
State Street Small/Mid Cap Equity Index PortfolioSSMHXState Street Global Advisors0.89$1b+Tier 1
Independent Franchise Partners US Equity FundIFPUXIndependent Franchise Partners0.89$1b+Tier 1
BNY Mellon Global Real Return FundDRRYXBNY Mellon0.89$1b+Tier 1
Columbia Select Mid Cap Value FundNAMAXColumbia Threadneedle0.89$1b+Tier 1
Columbia Select Large Cap Value FundSLVAXColumbia Threadneedle0.89$1b+Tier 1
Avantis U.S. Equity ETFAVUSAmerican Century Investment Management0.89$1b+Tier 1
Columbia Balanced FundCBALXColumbia Threadneedle0.89$1b+Tier 1
Columbia Contrarian Core FundLCCAXColumbia Threadneedle0.89$1b+Tier 1
Invesco FTSE RAFI US 1500 Small-Mid ETFPRFZInvesco0.89$1b+Tier 2
Institutional Mid-Cap Equity Growth FundPMEGXT. Rowe Price Associates0.88$1b+Tier 2
Mid-Cap Growth FundRPMGXT. Rowe Price Associates0.88$1b+Tier 2
Goldman Sachs Mid Cap Value FundGSMSXGoldman Sachs Asset Management (US)0.88$1b+Tier 2
Neuberger Berman Sustainable Equity Fund (Formerly, Neuberger Berman Socially Responsive Fund)NBSRXNeuberger Berman0.88$1b+Tier 2
Columbia Large Cap Growth FundGEGTXColumbia Threadneedle0.88$1b+Tier 2
Vanguard Mid-Cap Growth Index FundVMGMXVanguard Group0.88$1b+Tier 2
Multi-Manager Growth Strategies FundCABGXColumbia Threadneedle0.88$1b+Tier 2
Pimco RAE US FundPKAIXAllianz Global Investors0.88$1b+Tier 2
BNY Mellon Dynamic Value FundDRGVXBNY Mellon0.88$1b+Tier 2
Columbia Select Large Cap Growth FundUMLGXColumbia Threadneedle0.87$1b+Tier 2
MFS Core Equity FundMRGKXMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.87$1b+Tier 2
MFS Mid-Cap Value FundMVCKXMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.87$1b+Tier 2
Direxion Daily Financial Bull 3X SharesFASRafferty Asset Management0.86$1b+Tier 2
Goldman Sachs Income Builder FundGGKPXGoldman Sachs Asset Management (US)0.85$1b+Tier 2
Nicholas FundNICSXNicholas Company0.85$1b+Tier 2
Financial Select Sector SPDR FundXLFState Street Global Advisors0.85$1b+Tier 2
The Hartford Balanced Income FundHBLVXHartford Investment Financial Services0.85$1b+Tier 2
Hartford Stock HLS FundHSTCXHartford Investment Financial Services0.85$1b+Tier 2
Focused Large Cap ValueALVSXAmerican Century Investment Management0.85$1b+Tier 2
Victory Sycamore Established Value FundVEVCXVictory Capital Management0.85$1b+Tier 2
Columbia Disciplined Core FundCLQRXColumbia Threadneedle0.85$1b+Tier 2
Hartford Dividend And Growth HLS FundHIADXHartford Investment Financial Services0.85$1b+Tier 2
U.S. Sustainability Core 1 PortfolioDFSIXDimensional Fund Advisors0.85$1b+Tier 2
MFS Global Total Return FundMFWLXMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.84$1b+Tier 2
First Trust Financials Alphadex(R) FundFXOFirst Trust Advisors0.84$1b+Tier 2
SPDR Portfolio Sandp 400 Mid Cap ETFSPMDState Street Global Advisors0.84$1b+Tier 2
MFS Variable Insurance Trust - MFS Total Return SeriesMFTRSICMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.84$1b+Tier 2
MFS Total Return FundMSFRXMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.84$1b+Tier 2
Proshares Ultra S&P 500SSOProFund / ProShare0.84$1b+Tier 2
Proshares Ultrapro S&P 500UPROProFund / ProShare0.84$1b+Tier 2
SPDR S&P 400 Mid Cap Value ETFMDYVState Street Global Advisors0.84$1b+Tier 2
The Hartford Equity Income FundHQIVXHartford Investment Financial Services0.84$1b+Tier 2
Ishares MSCI Global Min Vol Factor ETFACWVBlackRock Advisors0.84$1b+Tier 2
Neuberger Berman Long Short FundNLSAXNeuberger Berman0.84$1b+Tier 2
Mid Cap ValueAVUAXAmerican Century Investment Management0.83$1b+Tier 2
Hartford Capital Appreciation HLS FundHCPCXHartford Investment Financial Services0.83$1b+Tier 2
MM S&P 500 Index FundMIEYXMassMutual Financial Group0.83$1b+Tier 2
Invesco Summit FundASMMXInvesco0.83$1b+Tier 2
Federated Hermes MUNI And Stock Advantage Fund (Formerly, Federated MUNI And Stock Advantage Fund)FMUIXFederated Hermes0.83$1b+Tier 2
TIAA-CREF Large-Cap Growth FundTILPXTIAA-CREF Asset Management0.82$1b+Tier 2
Flexshares(R) Stoxx(R) Global Broad Infrastructure Index FundNFRANorthern Trust0.82$1b+Tier 2
NT Mid Cap ValueACLMXAmerican Century Investment Management0.82$1b+Tier 2
NVIT Mellon Dynamic U.S. Core FundVONLCIVNationwide Fund Advisors0.82$1b+Tier 2
Hartford Disciplined Equity HLS FundHIAGXHartford Investment Financial Services0.82$1b+Tier 2
First Trust Large Cap Core Alphadex(R) FundFEXFirst Trust Advisors0.82$1b+Tier 2
USAA Growth FundUSAAXUSAA Investment Management Company0.82$1b+Tier 2
MFS Variable Insurance Trust - MFS Value SeriesMFSVALSMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.82$1b+Tier 2
MFS Value FundMEIKXMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.82$1b+Tier 2
USAA Value FundUIVAXUSAA Investment Management Company0.82$1b+Tier 2
Transamerica Large Cap ValueTWQIXTransAmerica Funds0.81$1b+Tier 2
Flexshares(R) Morningstar US Market Factor Tilt Index FundTILTNorthern Trust0.81$1b+Tier 2
Old Westbury Large Cap Strategies FundOWLSXBessemer Investment Management0.81$1b+Tier 2
MFS Research FundMFRKXMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.81$1b+Tier 2
First Trust Large Cap Value Alphadex(R) FundFTAFirst Trust Advisors0.81$1b+Tier 2
Wells Fargo Classic Value FundWTRXXWells Fargo Funds Management0.81$1b+Tier 2
Goldman Sachs Capital Growth FundGSCGXGoldman Sachs Asset Management (US)0.81$1b+Tier 2
Nuveen Dividend Value FundFFEFXNuveen Asset Management0.8$1b+Tier 2
Neuberger Berman Guardian FundNBGTXNeuberger Berman0.8$1b+Tier 2
Optimum Large Cap Growth FundOALGXDelaware / Ivy0.8$1b+Tier 2
First Trust Nasdaq Oil & Gas ETFFTXNFirst Trust Advisors0.8$1b+Tier 2
MFS Variable Insurance Trust - MFS Utilities SeriesMVITMUSMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.8$1b+Tier 2
MFS Utilities FundMMUFXMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.8$1b+Tier 2
First Trust Energy Alphadex(R) FundFXNFirst Trust Advisors0.8$1b+Tier 2
Columbia Dividend Income FundGSFTXColumbia Threadneedle0.8$1b+Tier 2
Industrial Select Sector SPDR FundXLIState Street Global Advisors0.8$1b+Tier 2
Invesco Oppenheimer Rising Dividends FundOARDXInvesco0.8$1b+Tier 2
Delaware Value FundDDVIXDelaware / Ivy0.8$1b+Tier 2
NVIT S&P 500 Index FundVNSP54VNationwide Fund Advisors0.8$1b+Tier 2
Clearbridge Value TrustLMVTXFranklin Templeton0.79$1b+Tier 2
Invesco Oppenheimer Main Street All Cap Fund (R)OMSYXInvesco0.79$1b+Tier 2
Clearbridge Large Cap Value FundLCBVXFranklin Templeton0.79$1b+Tier 2
PF Large-Cap Value FundPFALXPacific Life Fund Advisors0.79$1b+Tier 2
Invesco Sandp 500 (R) Low Volatility ETFSPLVInvesco0.79$1b+Tier 2
Ishares Exponential Technologies ETFXTBlackRock Advisors0.79$1b+Tier 2
USAA World Growth FundUIWGXUSAA Investment Management Company0.79$1b+Tier 2
Wells Fargo Growth FundSGRHXWells Fargo Funds Management0.78$1b+Tier 2
Wells Fargo Premier Large Company Growth FundEKJYXWells Fargo Funds Management0.78$1b+Tier 2
Proshares S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats ETFNOBLProFund / ProShare0.78$1b+Tier 2
Mainstay Mackay Sandp 500 Index Fund (FKA Mainstay Sandp 500 Index Fund)MSPIXNew York Life Investment Management0.77$1b+Tier 2
Eq/Large Cap Growth Index PortfolioEQCGIUSAXA Equitable Funds Management Group0.77$1b+Tier 2
Columbia Large Cap Value FundINDZXColumbia Threadneedle0.76$1b+Tier 2
Clearbridge Dividend Strategy FundSOPAXFranklin Templeton0.76$1b+Tier 2
TIAA-CREF Social Choice Low Carbon Equity FundTCCHXTIAA-CREF Asset Management0.76$1b+Tier 2
Old Westbury All Cap Core FundOWACXBessemer Investment Management0.76$1b+Tier 2
Thrivent Large Cap Index PortfolioQTLCIXThrivent Investment Management0.75$1b+Tier 2
Nationwide S&P 500 Index FundGRMAXNationwide Fund Advisors0.75$1b+Tier 2
BNY Mellon Natural Resources FundDNLAXThe Dreyfus Corporation0.75$1b+Tier 2
Columbia Select Large Cap Equity FundCLSRXColumbia Threadneedle0.75$1b+Tier 2
Diversified Real Asset FundPDRDXPrincipal Management Corporation0.75$1b+Tier 2
Cohen & Steers Real Assets FundRAPIXCohen & Steers Capital Management0.74$1b+Tier 2
Pioneer FundPIODXPioneer Investments0.74$1b+Tier 2
Columbia Large Cap Index FundNINDXColumbia Threadneedle0.74$1b+Tier 2
Northern Stock Index FundNOSIXNorthern Trust0.74$1b+Tier 2
Invesco American Franchise FundVAFFXInvesco0.74$1b+Tier 2
Multi-Manager Value Strategies FundCVSDXColumbia Threadneedle0.73$1b+Tier 2
Transamerica WMC US Growth VPTRNSWGSTransAmerica Funds0.73$1b+Tier 2
Transamerica US GrowthTJNUXTransAmerica Funds0.73$1b+Tier 2
Siit-Global Managed Volatility FundSGMAXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.73$1b+Tier 2
Flexshares(R) Morningstar Global Upstream Natural Resources Index FundGUNRNorthern Trust0.73$1b+Tier 2
TIAA-CREF Growth And Income FundTGIWXTIAA-CREF Asset Management0.73$1b+Tier 2
Voya Russell (TM) Large Cap Growth Index PortfolioIRLNXVoya Investment Management0.73$1b+Tier 2
Janus Henderson Global Technology And Innovation Fund Formerly Known As Janus Henderson Global Technology FundJATIXJanus Henderson0.73$1b+Tier 2
Amplify CWP Enhanced Dividend Income ETFDIVOAmplify Investments0.73$1b+Tier 2
Columbia Flexible Capital Income FundCFCYXColumbia Threadneedle0.73$1b+Tier 2
JPMorgan Mid Cap Equity FundVSNGXJPMorgan Asset Management0.73$1b+Tier 2
TIAA-CREF Large-Cap Growth Index FundTRIRXTIAA-CREF Asset Management0.73$1b+Tier 2
BNY Mellon Large Cap Securities FundDREVXThe Dreyfus Corporation0.72$1b+Tier 2
Columbia Dividend Opportunity FundINUTXColumbia Threadneedle0.72$1b+Tier 2
Thrivent Diversified Income Plus PortfolioAAHYXThrivent Investment Management0.72$1b+Tier 2
Thrivent Aggressive Allocation PortfolioQTAAPXThrivent Investment Management0.72$1b+Tier 2
Thrivent Moderate Allocation PortfolioTHMAXThrivent Investment Management0.72$1b+Tier 2
Thrivent Moderately Aggressive Allocation PortfolioTMAAXThrivent Investment Management0.72$1b+Tier 2
Thrivent Moderately Conservative Allocation PortfoTCAAXThrivent Investment Management0.72$1b+Tier 2
Invesco Russell 1000 Dynamic Multifactor ETFOMFLInvesco0.72$1b+Tier 2
Harbor Capital Appreciation FundHACAXHarbor Funds0.72$1b+Tier 2
Pioneer Core Equity FundPIOTXPioneer Investments0.72$1b+Tier 2
VY T. Rowe Price Growth Equity PortfolioITGIXVoya Investment Management0.72$1b+Tier 2
Janus Henderson Forty FundJDCAXJanus Henderson0.72$1b+Tier 2
CREF Growth AccountQCGRRXTIAA-CREF Asset Management0.72$1b+Tier 2
Wells Fargo Index Asset Allocation FundWFATXWells Fargo Funds Management0.72$1b+Tier 2
VY T. Rowe Price Capital Appreciation PortfolioITRIXVoya Investment Management0.71$1b+Tier 2
Loomis Sayles Bond FundLSBNXLoomis, Sayles & Co.0.71$1b+Tier 2
Hartford Balanced HLS FundHAIBXHartford Investment Financial Services0.71$1b+Tier 2
Clearbridge Appreciation FundSHAPXFranklin Templeton0.71$1b+Tier 2
TIAA-CREF Small-Cap Blend Index FundTRBIXTIAA-CREF Asset Management0.71$1b+Tier 2
EQ/AB Small Cap Growth PortfolioAXA Equitable Funds Management Group0.71$1b+Tier 2
2CVA Capital Appreciation FundJICPXJohn Hancock Funds0.71$1b+Tier 2
VanEck Vectors Morningstar Wide Moat ETFMOATVan Eck Associates Corporation0.71$1b+Tier 2
Voya Large Cap Growth PortfolioIEOHXVoya Investment Management0.71$1b+Tier 2
Pioneer Disciplined Growth FundPINDXPioneer Investments0.7$1b+Tier 2
Dynamic Asset Allocation FundSDLAXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.7$1b+Tier 2
SIIT S&P 500 Index FundSPINXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.7$1b+Tier 2
Goldman Sachs GQG Partners International Opportunities FundGSIHXGoldman Sachs Asset Management (US)0.7$1b+Tier 2
Alps Sector Dividend Dogs ETFSDOGAlps Advisers0.7$1b+Tier 2
Large Cap Index FundLCIAXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.7$1b+Tier 2
Ric Tax-Managed U.S. Large Cap FundRTLAXRussell Investment Group0.7$1b+Tier 2
JPMorgan Mid Cap Value FundFLMVXJPMorgan Asset Management0.7$1b+Tier 2
New Economy FundANEFXCapital Research & Management Co.0.7$1b+Tier 2
Amcap FundAMCPXCapital Research & Management Co.0.7$1b+Tier 2
Goldman Sachs Global Managed Beta FundGGMBXGoldman Sachs Asset Management (US)0.69$1b+Tier 2
SPDR NYSE Technology ETFSPABState Street Global Advisors0.69$1b+Tier 2
Ric U.S. Strategic Equity FundRSEAXRussell Investment Group0.69$1b+Tier 2
Ab All Market Real Return Portfolio (Formerly, Alliancebernstein Real Asset Strategy)AMTZXAllianceBernstein0.69$1b+Tier 2
Lord Abbett Growth Leaders FundLGLRXLord Abbett & Co.0.69$1b+Tier 2
Neuberger Berman Equity Income FundNBHRXNeuberger Berman0.69$1b+Tier 2
Large Cap Value FundSEUIXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.69$1b+Tier 2
Invesco Sandp 500 Revenue ETFRWLInvesco0.69$1b+Tier 2
TIAA-CREF Social Choice Equity FundTRPSXTIAA-CREF Asset Management0.68$1b+Tier 2
Invesco Purebeta (SM) MSCI USA ETFPBUSInvesco0.68$1b+Tier 2
Loomis Sayles Strategic Income FundNEZNXLoomis, Sayles & Co.0.68$1b+Tier 2
Massachusetts Investors TrustEAMTXMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.68$1b+Tier 2
Invesco Steelpath MLP Select 40 FundMLPFXInvesco0.67$1b+Tier 2
Goldman Sachs Absolute Return Tracker FundGSGPXGoldman Sachs Asset Management (US)0.67$1b+Tier 2
Global Industrials FundRPGIXT. Rowe Price Associates0.67$1b+Tier 2
TIAA-CREF Equity Index FundTCEPXTIAA-CREF Asset Management0.66$1b+Tier 2
TIAA-CREF S&P 500 Index FundTRSPXTIAA-CREF Asset Management0.66$1b+Tier 2
Franklin K2 Alternative Strategies FundFASCXFranklin Templeton0.66$1b+Tier 2
TIAA-CREF Large-Cap Value FundTRCPXTIAA-CREF Asset Management0.66$1b+Tier 2
Schwab U.S. Small-Cap ETFSCHACharles Schwab Investment Management0.66$1b+Tier 2
JPMorgan Equity Premium Income FundJEPRXJPMorgan Asset Management0.65$1b+Tier 2
TIAA-CREF Large-Cap Value Index FundTRCVXTIAA-CREF Asset Management0.65$1b+Tier 2
2X19 JHF Fundamental Large Cap Core FundTAGRXJohn Hancock Funds0.65$1b+Tier 2
Blackrock Large Cap Focus Growth FundMAFOXBlackRock Advisors0.65$1b+Tier 2
Schwab Small-Cap Index FundSWSSXCharles Schwab Investment Management0.64$1b+Tier 2
Eq/Large Cap Value Managed Volatility PortfolioEQVMVU2AXA Equitable Funds Management Group0.64$1b+Tier 2
VY Invesco Equity And Income PortfolioIUAIXVoya Investment Management0.64$1b+Tier 2
SPDR S&P Bank ETFKBEState Street Global Advisors0.64$1b+Tier 2
JPMorgan Equity Premium Income ETFJEPIJPMorgan Asset Management0.64$1b+Tier 3
Artisan Mid Cap Value FundARTQXArtisan Partners0.63$1b+Tier 3
Goldman Sachs U.S. Equity Dividend And Premium FundGSPAXGoldman Sachs Asset Management (US)0.63$1b+Tier 3
Invesco DWA Momentum ETFPDPInvesco0.63$1b+Tier 3
Invesco Sandp 500 (R) Quality ETFSPHQInvesco0.63$1b+Tier 3
Voya Russell (TM) Large Cap Index PortfolioIIRLXVoya Investment Management0.63$1b+Tier 3
JPMorgan Large Cap Value FundJLVMXJPMorgan Asset Management0.63$1b+Tier 3
Blackrock Capital Appreciation FundMAFGXBlackRock Advisors0.62$1b+Tier 3
Voya Russell (TM) Large Cap Value Index PortfolioIRVIXVoya Investment Management0.62$1b+Tier 3
BNY Mellon S&P 500 Index FundPEOPXThe Dreyfus Corporation0.62$1b+Tier 3
BNY Mellon Institutional S&P 500 Stock Index FundDSPIXThe Dreyfus Corporation0.62$1b+Tier 3
2CK7 John Hancock Funds III Disciplined Value FundJVLIXJohn Hancock Funds0.62$1b+Tier 3
Voya U.S. Stock Index PortfolioVPSPXVoya Investment Management0.62$1b+Tier 3
Federated Hermes Strategic Value Dividend Fund (Formerly, Federated Strategic Value Dividend Fund)SVAIXFederated Hermes0.61$1b+Tier 3
Lord Abbett Affiliated FundLAFFXLord Abbett & Co.0.61$1b+Tier 3
Mainstay CBRE Global Infrastructure FundVCRIXNew York Life Investment Management0.61$1b+Tier 3
Voya Growth And Income PortfolioIIVGXVoya Investment Management0.61$1b+Tier 3
SPDR Portfolio Sandp 500 Growth ETFSPYGState Street Global Advisors0.61$1b+Tier 3
Wisdomtree U.S. Quality Dividend Growth FundDGRWWisdomTree Asset Management0.61$1b+Tier 3
Alliancebernstein Select US Long/Short PortfolioASLAXAllianceBernstein0.61$1b+Tier 3
Equity GrowthAMEIXAmerican Century Investment Management0.6$1b+Tier 3
NT Equity GrowthACLEXAmerican Century Investment Management0.6$1b+Tier 3
Wisdomtree U.S. High Dividend FundDHSWisdomTree Asset Management0.6$1b+Tier 3
2CZ0 Equity-Income FundJHEIXJohn Hancock Funds0.6$1b+Tier 3
Tax-Managed Large Cap FundSTLYXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.6$1b+Tier 3
Disciplined Core ValueAMGIXAmerican Century Investment Management0.6$1b+Tier 3
JPMorgan Equity Index FundHLEIXJPMorgan Asset Management0.59$1b+Tier 3
JPMorgan Betabuilders U.S. Equity ETFBBUSJPMorgan Asset Management0.59$1b+Tier 3
Vanguard Growth Index FundVIGRXVanguard Group0.59$1b+Tier 3
Extended Market Index FundSMXAXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.59$1b+Tier 3
Invesco Equally-Weighted S&P 500 FundVADFXInvesco0.59$1b+Tier 3
Invesco S&P 500 Index FundSPISXInvesco0.59$1b+Tier 3
Invesco Sandp 500 (R) Equal Weight ETFRSPInvesco0.59$1b+Tier 3
Small Cap ValueACVIXAmerican Century Investment Management0.59$1b+Tier 3
Transamerica JPMorgan Enhanced Index VPTRNSJPSTransAmerica Funds0.59$1b+Tier 3
Transamerica Multi Managed Balanced VPTRNSMMSTransAmerica Funds0.59$1b+Tier 3
Invesco FTSE RAFI US 1000 ETFPRFInvesco0.59$1b+Tier 3
Vanguard Strategic Small-Cap Equity FundVSTCXVanguard Group0.59$1b+Tier 3
JPMorgan Hedged EquityJHQRXJPMorgan Asset Management0.58$1b+Tier 3
JPMorgan U.S. Research Enhanced Equity FundJDEUXJPMorgan Asset Management0.58$1b+Tier 3
Consumer Discretionary Select Sector SPDR FundXLYState Street Global Advisors0.58$1b+Tier 3
Large Cap Value FundSEUIXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.58$1b+Tier 3
Large Cap Disciplined Equity FundSCPAXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.58$1b+Tier 3
Voya Russell (TM) Mid Cap Index PortfolioIIRMXVoya Investment Management0.58$1b+Tier 3
JPMorgan Income Builder FundJNBZXJPMorgan Asset Management0.58$1b+Tier 3
Wisdomtree U.S. Total Dividend FundDTDWisdomTree Asset Management0.58$1b+Tier 3
Wisdomtree U.S. Largecap Dividend FundDLNWisdomTree Asset Management0.57$1b+Tier 3
Goldman Sachs U.S. Tax-Managed Equity FundGCTRXGoldman Sachs Asset Management (US)0.57$1b+Tier 3
Massmutual Select Blue Chip Growth FundMBCNXMassMutual Financial Group0.57$1b+Tier 3
Janus Henderson Mid Cap Value FundJMVCXJanus Henderson0.57$1b+Tier 3
Large Cap FundSLGAXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.57$1b+Tier 3
Pioneer Multi-Asset Income FundPMFRXPioneer Investments0.57$1b+Tier 3
Invesco Sandp 500 (R) Top 50 ETFXLGInvesco0.57$1b+Tier 3
The American Funds Tax-Exempt Series IITAFTXCapital Research & Management Co.0.56$1b+Tier 3
Invesco Sandp 500 (R) Pure Value ETFRPVInvesco0.56$1b+Tier 3
Neuberger Berman Large Cap Value FundNRLCXNeuberger Berman0.56$1b+Tier 3
Invesco High Yield Equity Dividend Achievers (TM) ETFPEYInvesco0.56$1b+Tier 3
Lord Abbett Dividend Growth FundLAMAXLord Abbett & Co.0.55$1b+Tier 3
Vanguard Small-Cap Index FundVSMAXVanguard Group0.54$1b+Tier 3
JPMorgan Large Cap Growth FundSEEGXJPMorgan Asset Management0.54$1b+Tier 3
Vanguard Small-Cap Value Index FundVSIAXVanguard Group0.54$1b+Tier 3
JPMorgan U.S. Value FundVGRIXJPMorgan Asset Management0.53$1b+Tier 3
BNY Mellon Mid Cap Multi-Strategy FundMPMCXBNY Mellon0.53$1b+Tier 3
Thrivent Global Stock PortfolioQTGSPXThrivent Investment Management0.53$1b+Tier 3
JPMorgan Equity Income FundHLIEXJPMorgan Asset Management0.53$1b+Tier 3
Transamerica Multi Managed BalancedTBLIXTransAmerica Funds0.53$1b+Tier 3
Blackrock Dynamic High Income PortfolioBDHKXBlackRock Advisors0.53$1b+Tier 3
JPMorgan Hedged Equity 2 FundJHQDXJPMorgan Asset Management0.52$1b+Tier 3
JPMorgan Hedged Equity 3 FundJHQTXJPMorgan Asset Management0.52$1b+Tier 3
American Beacon Large Cap Value FundALVAXAmerican Beacon Funds0.52$1b+Tier 3
Invesco S&P 500 GARP ETFSPGPInvesco0.52$1b+Tier 3
SPDR Sandp 500 Fossil Fuel Reserves Free ETFSPYXState Street Global Advisors0.52$1b+Tier 3
American Beacon The London Company Income Equity FundABCAXAmerican Beacon Funds0.52$1b+Tier 3
2Y56 John Hancock Funds III Disciplined Value Mid Cap FundJVMIXJohn Hancock Funds0.51$1b+Tier 3
Ishares Morningstar Growth ETFILCGBlackRock Advisors0.51$1b+Tier 3
JPMorgan Global Allocation FundGAOFXJPMorgan Asset Management0.51$1b+Tier 3
Fidelity Advisor Equity Growth FundFZAFXFidelity0.51$1b+Tier 3
Fidelity Growth Discovery FundFDSVXFidelity0.51$1b+Tier 3
Vip Growth PortfolioQVG2QFidelity0.51$1b+Tier 3
American Funds Global Insight FundAGVHXCapital Research & Management Co.0.51$1b+Tier 3
Invesco Buyback Achievers (TM) ETFPKWInvesco0.51$1b+Tier 3
JPMorgan Value Advantage FundJVAIXJPMorgan Asset Management0.51$1b+Tier 3
Fidelity Capital Appreciation FundFDCAXFidelity0.5$1b+Tier 3
Pacer Trendpilot US Large Cap ETFPTLCPacer Advisors0.5$1b+Tier 3
Blackrock Technology Opportunities FundBGSIXBlackRock Advisors0.5$1b+Tier 3
Vanguard S&P Mid-Cap 400 Index FundVSPMXVanguard Group0.5$1b+Tier 3
The Communication Services Select Sector SPDR FundXLCState Street Global Advisors0.5$1b+Tier 3
BNY Mellon Research Growth FundDREQXThe Dreyfus Corporation0.5$1b+Tier 3
Large-Cap Value FundTILCXT. Rowe Price Associates0.49$1b+Tier 3
Multi-Asset Accumulation FundSAAAXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.49$1b+Tier 3
CREF Stock AccountQCSTRXTIAA-CREF Asset Management0.49$1b+Tier 3
CREF Global Equities AccountQCGLRXTIAA-CREF Asset Management0.49$1b+Tier 3
Pioneer Fundamental Growth FundPFGRXPioneer Investments0.49$1b+Tier 3
Lord Abbett Fundamental Equity FundGILAXLord Abbett & Co.0.49$1b+Tier 3
Lord Abbett Series Fund Fundamental Equity PortfolioLAVYXLord Abbett & Co.0.49$1b+Tier 3
CREF Equity Index AccountQCEQRXTIAA-CREF Asset Management0.49$1b+Tier 3
Thrivent Aggressive Allocation FundTAAIXThrivent Investment Management0.49$1b+Tier 3
Thrivent Moderate Allocation FundTMAIXThrivent Investment Management0.49$1b+Tier 3
Thrivent Moderately Aggressive Allocation FundTMAFXThrivent Investment Management0.49$1b+Tier 3
Thrivent Moderately Conservative Allocation FundTCAIXThrivent Investment Management0.49$1b+Tier 3
Nuveen ESG Large-Cap Value ETFNULVNuveen Asset Management0.49$1b+Tier 3
Diversified Mid-Cap Growth FundRPTTXT. Rowe Price Associates0.49$1b+Tier 3
Select Retailing PortfolioFSRPXFidelity0.48$1b+Tier 3
Nuveen Santa Barbara Dividend Growth FundNSBFXNuveen Asset Management0.48$1b+Tier 3
JPMorgan U.S. Large Cap Core Plus FundJLPSXJPMorgan Asset Management0.48$1b+Tier 3
Schwab U.S. Large-Cap Value ETFSCHVCharles Schwab Investment Management0.47$1b+Tier 3
U.S. Social Core Equity 2 PortfolioDFUEXDimensional Fund Advisors0.47$1b+Tier 3
New Perspective FundANWPXCapital Research & Management Co.0.47$1b+Tier 3
Schwab Total Stock Market Index FundSWTSXCharles Schwab Investment Management0.47$1b+Tier 3
Schwab U.S. Broad Market ETFSCHBCharles Schwab Investment Management0.47$1b+Tier 3
Schwab 1000 Index FundSNXFXCharles Schwab Investment Management0.47$1b+Tier 3
Schwab 1000 Index ETFSCHKCharles Schwab Investment Management0.47$1b+Tier 3
Schwab U.S. Large-Cap ETFSCHXCharles Schwab Investment Management0.47$1b+Tier 3
Invesco V.I. Equity And Income FundUEIIXInvesco0.47$1b+Tier 3
Invesco V.I. Growth And Income FundINVVKG2Invesco0.47$1b+Tier 3
Invesco Equity And Income FundIEIFXInvesco0.47$1b+Tier 3
Invesco Growth And Income FundGIFFXInvesco0.47$1b+Tier 3
Schwab Fundamental U.S. Large Company Index ETFFNDXCharles Schwab Investment Management0.47$1b+Tier 3
Vanguard Explorer FundVEXPXVanguard Group0.47$1b+Tier 3
Schwab S&P 500 Index FundSWPPXCharles Schwab Investment Management0.47$1b+Tier 3
Equity Income FundREIPXT. Rowe Price Associates0.46$1b+Tier 3
Thrivent Diversified Income Plus FundTHYFXThrivent Investment Management0.46$1b+Tier 3
Payden Equity Income FundPYVAXPayden & Rygel0.46$1b+Tier 3
American Balanced FundAFMBXCapital Research & Management Co.0.46$1b+Tier 3
Thrivent Large Cap Value PortfolioQTLCVXThrivent Investment Management0.46$1b+Tier 3
Invesco Sandp 500 (R) High Dividend Low Volatility ETFSPHDInvesco0.46$1b+Tier 3
Schwab U.S. Large-Cap Growth ETFSCHGCharles Schwab Investment Management0.45$1b+Tier 3
Select Consumer Staples PortfolioFDFAXFidelity0.45$1b+Tier 3
New Era FundPRNHXT. Rowe Price Associates0.45$1b+Tier 3
JPMorgan Growth And Income FundVGIFXJPMorgan Asset Management0.45$1b+Tier 3
Real Assets FundPRAFXT. Rowe Price Associates0.45$1b+Tier 3
Equity Index 500 FundPRUIXT. Rowe Price Associates0.45$1b+Tier 3
Fidelity Trend FundFTRNXFidelity0.44$1b+Tier 3
Ishares Core Dividend Growth ETFDGROBlackRock Advisors0.44$1b+Tier 3
First Eagle Global Income Builder FundFBRRXFirst Eagle Investment Management0.44$1b+Tier 3
Growth-Income FundCGNGXCapital Research & Management Co.0.44$1b+Tier 3
American Funds Fundamental InvestorsANCFXCapital Research & Management Co.0.44$1b+Tier 3
Large Cap Growth FundSLRYXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.44$1b+Tier 3
First Trust Rising Dividend Achievers ETFRDVYFirst Trust Advisors0.44$1b+Tier 3
Schwab Fundamental US Large Company Index FundSFLNXCharles Schwab Investment Management0.44$1b+Tier 3
American Mutual FundAMRMXCapital Research & Management Co.0.44$1b+Tier 3
Invesco V.I. Comstock FundIVICMKSInvesco0.44$1b+Tier 3
Invesco Comstock FundICSFXInvesco0.44$1b+Tier 3
Schwab Core Equity FundSWANXCharles Schwab Investment Management0.43$1b+Tier 3
Ishares ESG MSCI USA Leaders ETFSUSLBlackRock Advisors0.43$1b+Tier 3
Massmutual Select T.Rowe Price Large Cap Blend FundMMLRXMassMutual Financial Group0.43$1b+Tier 3
Fidelity Independence FundFDFFXFidelity0.43$1b+Tier 3
Fidelity Magellan FundFMAGXFidelity0.43$1b+Tier 3
The Growth Fund Of AmericaAGTHXCapital Research & Management Co.0.43$1b+Tier 3
State Street Total Return V.I.S. Fund - US Index Equity SleeveSSTIXState Street Global Advisors0.42$1b+Tier 3
Janus Henderson Global Equity Income FundHFQAXJanus Henderson0.42$1b+Tier 3
First Eagle Global FundSGENXFirst Eagle Investment Management0.42$1b+Tier 3
First Eagle U.S. Value FundEARVXFirst Eagle Investment Management0.42$1b+Tier 3
U.S. Equity Research FundPACOXT. Rowe Price Associates0.42$1b+Tier 3
CREF Social Choice AccountQCSCRXTIAA-CREF Asset Management0.42$1b+Tier 3
Franklin Mutual Shares FundTESIXFranklin Templeton0.41$1b+Tier 3
Balanced FundRPBAXT. Rowe Price Associates0.41$1b+Tier 3
Putnam Dynamic Asset Allocation Balanced FundPABAXPutnam Investment Management0.41$1b+Tier 3
Putnam Dynamic Asset Allocation Growth FundPAEAXPutnam Investment Management0.41$1b+Tier 3
Janus Henderson Contrarian FundJCNAXJanus Henderson0.4$1b+Tier 3
Franklin Dynatech FundFDNRXFranklin Templeton0.4$1b+Tier 3
TIAA-CREF Mid-Cap Value FundTRVPXTIAA-CREF Asset Management0.4$1b+Tier 3
Fidelity OTC PortfolioFOCPXFidelity0.4$1b+Tier 3
Fidelity OTC K6 PortfolioFOKFXFidelity0.4$1b+Tier 3
Federated Hermes MDT Large Cap Value Fund (Formerly, Federated MDT Large Cap Value Fund)FMSTXFederated Hermes0.4$1b+Tier 3
Capital Income BuilderCFIHXCapital Research & Management Co.0.4$1b+Tier 3
Washington Mutual Investors FundAWSHXCapital Research & Management Co.0.4$1b+Tier 3
Ishares Core Sandp U.S. Growth ETFIUSGBlackRock Advisors0.39$1b+Tier 3
Vanguard U.S. Growth FundVWUSXVanguard Group0.39$1b+Tier 3
Vanguard Russell 1000 Growth Index FundVRGWXVanguard Group0.38$1b+Tier 3
Schwab U.S. Dividend Equity ETFSCHDCharles Schwab Investment Management0.38$1b+Tier 3
Ishares ESG Aware MSCI USA ETFESGUBlackRock Advisors0.38$1b+Tier 3
Six Circles US Unconstrained Equity FundCUSUXJPMorgan Asset Management0.38$1b+Tier 3
American Funds Global Balanced FundGFBLXCapital Research & Management Co.0.38$1b+Tier 3
Putnam Multi-Cap Core FundPMYTXPutnam Investment Management0.38$1b+Tier 3
The Investment Company Of AmericaAIVSXCapital Research & Management Co.0.38$1b+Tier 3
Institutional Large-Cap Core Growth FundTPLGXT. Rowe Price Associates0.37$1b+Tier 3
Blue Chip Growth FundTBCIXT. Rowe Price Associates0.37$1b+Tier 3
Blue Chip Growth PortfolioT. Rowe Price Associates0.37$1b+Tier 3
Blackrock Multi-Asset Income PortfolioBKMIXBlackRock Advisors0.37$1b+Tier 3
Six Circles Managed Equity Portfolio U.S. Unconstrained FundCMEUXJPMorgan Asset Management0.37$1b+Tier 3
Putnam Sustainable Leaders FundPNOPXPutnam Investment Management0.37$1b+Tier 3
Capital World Growth And Income FundCWGIXCapital Research & Management Co.0.36$1b+Tier 3
Thrivent Global Stock FundAALGXThrivent Investment Management0.36$1b+Tier 3
Value FundTRVLXT. Rowe Price Associates0.36$1b+Tier 3
Consumer Staples Select Sector SPDR FundXLPState Street Global Advisors0.35$1b+Tier 3
George Putnam Balanced FundPGEOXPutnam Investment Management0.35$1b+Tier 3
Invesco KBW Bank ETFKBWBInvesco0.35$1b+Tier 3
Spectrum Conservative Allocation FundPPIPXT. Rowe Price Associates0.35$1b+Tier 3
Spectrum Moderate Allocation FundTPPAXT. Rowe Price Associates0.35$1b+Tier 3
Spectrum Moderate Growth Allocation FundTRSGXT. Rowe Price Associates0.35$1b+Tier 3
TIAA-CREF Life Growth & Income FundTIGRXTIAA-CREF Asset Management0.35$1b+Tier 3
Fidelity Growth Company FundFDGRXFidelity0.35$1b+Tier 3
Fidelity Series Growth Company FundFFGSXFidelity0.35$1b+Tier 3
Fidelity Growth Company K6 FundFGKFXFidelity0.35$1b+Tier 3
Vanguard FTSE Social Index FundVFTNXVanguard Group0.35$1b+Tier 3
SPDR Sandp Kensho New Economies Composite ETF (Formerly SPDR Kensho New Economies Composite ETF)KOMPState Street Global Advisors0.35$1b+Tier 3
Blackrock Tactical Opportunities FundPBAKXBlackRock Advisors0.34$1b+Tier 3
Vanguard ESG U.S. Stock ETFESGVVanguard Group0.34$1b+Tier 3
Ishares Total U.S. Stock Market Index FundBITSXBlackRock Advisors0.34$1b+Tier 3
Blackrock S&P 500 Index V.I. FundBRVSSP3BlackRock Advisors0.34$1b+Tier 3
Blackrock U.S. Carbon Transition Readiness ETFLCTUBlackRock Advisors0.34$1b+Tier 3
Vanguard Global Minimum Volatility FundVMNVXVanguard Group0.34$1b+Tier 3
Capital Appreciation FundTRAIXT. Rowe Price Associates0.34$1b+Tier 3
SPDR S&P 500 ETF TrustSPYState Street Global Advisors0.33$1b+Tier 3
Destinations Large Cap Equity FundDLCZXBrinker Capital0.33$1b+Tier 3
Eq/Global Equity Managed Volatility PortfolioEQEMVIBAXA Equitable Funds Management Group0.33$1b+Tier 3
Vanguard Extended Market Index FundVEXMXVanguard Group0.33$1b+Tier 3
Blackrock Global Allocation FundMALOXBlackRock Advisors0.33$1b+Tier 3
Blackrock Global Allocation V.I. FundBLGAVI1BlackRock Advisors0.33$1b+Tier 3
U.S. Large-Cap Core FundPAULXT. Rowe Price Associates0.33$1b+Tier 3
Dividend Growth FundPRDGXT. Rowe Price Associates0.33$1b+Tier 3
Ishares Dow Jones U.S. ETFIYYBlackRock Advisors0.33$1b+Tier 3
Fidelity FundFFIDXFidelity0.33$1b+Tier 3
All-Cap Opportunities FundPNAIXT. Rowe Price Associates0.33$1b+Tier 3
Blackrock Basic Value FundMABAXBlackRock Advisors0.33$1b+Tier 3
Ishares Core S&P 500 ETFIVVBlackRock Advisors0.32$1b+Tier 3
Ishares Core Sandp U.S. Value ETFIUSVBlackRock Advisors0.32$1b+Tier 3
Ishares Core S&P Total U.S. Stock Market ETFITOTBlackRock Advisors0.32$1b+Tier 3
Ishares Edge MSCI Min Vol Global ETFACWVBlackRock Advisors0.32$1b+Tier 3
Ishares Core High Dividend ETFHDVBlackRock Advisors0.32$1b+Tier 3
Eq/Mid Cap Value Managed Volatility PortfolioEQMCVMVAXA Equitable Funds Management Group0.32$1b+Tier 3
Ishares MSCI ACWI ETFACWIBlackRock Advisors0.32$1b+Tier 3
Ishares MSCI World ETFURTHBlackRock Advisors0.32$1b+Tier 3
Ishares U.S. Energy ETFIYEBlackRock Advisors0.32$1b+Tier 3
LSV Value Equity FundLSVEXLSV Asset Management0.32$1b+Tier 3
Ishares Russell Mid-Cap Index FundBRMIXBlackRock Advisors0.32$1b+Tier 3
Ishares Global Energy ETFIXCBlackRock Advisors0.31$1b+Tier 3
Janus Henderson Research FundJRANXJanus Henderson0.31$1b+Tier 3
Eq/Large Cap Core Managed Volatility PortfolioEQLCMIBAXA Equitable Funds Management Group0.31$1b+Tier 3
2CZY Blue Chip Growth FundJBGAXJohn Hancock Funds0.3$1b+Tier 3
Putnam VT Large Cap Value FundPutnam Investment Management0.3$1b+Tier 3
Putnam Large Cap Value FundPEYAXPutnam Investment Management0.3$1b+Tier 3
Fidelity Advisor Value Strategies FundFVSKXFidelity0.3$1b+Tier 3
Fidelity Advisor Mid Cap II FundFZAMXFidelity0.3$1b+Tier 4
Vip Mid Cap PortfolioXFBRXFidelity0.3$1b+Tier 4
SPDR Portfolio Sandp 1500 Composite Stock Market ETFSPTMState Street Global Advisors0.29$1b+Tier 4
State Street Equity 500 Index II PortfolioSSEYXState Street Global Advisors0.29$1b+Tier 4
SPDR Portfolio Sandp 500 ETFSPLGState Street Global Advisors0.29$1b+Tier 4
State Street Sandp 500 Index FundSVSPXState Street Global Advisors0.29$1b+Tier 4
Blackrock Equity Dividend FundMADVXBlackRock Advisors0.29$1b+Tier 4
New World FundFNWFXCapital Research & Management Co.0.29$1b+Tier 4
SPDR Portfolio Sandp 500 Value ETFSPYVState Street Global Advisors0.28$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Value FundFDVLXFidelity0.28$1b+Tier 4
JPMorgan Growth Advantage FundJGVVXJPMorgan Asset Management0.28$1b+Tier 4
Ishares Select Dividend ETFDVYBlackRock Advisors0.28$1b+Tier 4
Thrivent Large Cap Value FundAAUTXThrivent Investment Management0.27$1b+Tier 4
FPA Crescent FundFPACXFirst Pacific Advisors0.27$1b+Tier 4
Blackrock Strategic Income Opportunities PortfolioBSIKXBlackRock Advisors0.27$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Series Opportunistic Insights FundFVWSXFidelity0.26$1b+Tier 4
JPMorgan U.S. Equity FundJUESXJPMorgan Asset Management0.26$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity ContrafundFCNTXFidelity0.26$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Contrafund K6FLCNXFidelity0.26$1b+Tier 4
Vip Contrafund PortfolioVFCNTIVFidelity0.26$1b+Tier 4
Blackrock Systematic Multi-Strategy FundBIMBXBlackRock Advisors0.26$1b+Tier 4
Pacer US Cash COWS 100 ETFCOWZPacer Advisors0.26$1b+Tier 4
Ishares ESG MSCI USA ETFESGUBlackRock Advisors0.25$1b+Tier 4
Blackrock Commodity Strategies FundBICSXBlackRock Advisors0.24$1b+Tier 4
The Income Fund Of AmericaAMECXCapital Research & Management Co.0.24$1b+Tier 4
Ishares Global 100 ETFIOOBlackRock Advisors0.24$1b+Tier 4
Vanguard Mid-Cap Index FundVIMSXVanguard Group0.23$1b+Tier 4
Vanguard Dividend Appreciation Index FundVDADXVanguard Group0.23$1b+Tier 4
JPMorgan Tax Aware Equity FundJPECXJPMorgan Asset Management0.23$1b+Tier 4
Franklin Mutual Global Discovery FundTEDIXFranklin Templeton0.23$1b+Tier 4
Eq/Large Cap Growth Managed Volatility PortfolioAXA Equitable Funds Management Group0.22$1b+Tier 4
Janus Henderson Balanced PortfolioJABLXJanus Henderson0.22$1b+Tier 4
Janus Henderson Balanced FundJABNXJanus Henderson0.22$1b+Tier 4
Ishares S&P 100 ETFOEFBlackRock Advisors0.22$1b+Tier 4
Vanguard Communication Services Index FundVOXVanguard Group0.22$1b+Tier 4
Ishares Russell Top 200 Value ETFIWXBlackRock Advisors0.22$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Disciplined Equity FundFDEQXFidelity0.22$1b+Tier 4
Federated Hermes Kaufmann Large Cap Fund (Formerly, Federated Kaufmann Large Cap Fund)KLCIXFederated Hermes0.22$1b+Tier 4
Janus Henderson Global Select FundJORAXJanus Henderson0.22$1b+Tier 4
NVIT Mid Cap Index FundVNMCIIVNationwide Fund Advisors0.22$1b+Tier 4
Franklin Mutual Beacon FundTEBIXFranklin Templeton0.21$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Series Value Discovery Fund (Formerly Known As Fidelity Series Equity-Income Fund)FNKLXFidelity0.21$1b+Tier 4
Invesco Dividend Income FundIFUTXInvesco0.21$1b+Tier 4
Ishares Edge MSCI Min Vol USA ETFUSMVBlackRock Advisors0.21$1b+Tier 4
Invesco Diversified Dividend FundLCEFXInvesco0.21$1b+Tier 4
Energy Select Sector SPDR FundXLEState Street Global Advisors0.2$1b+Tier 4
SPDR S&P Global Natural Resources ETFGNRState Street Global Advisors0.2$1b+Tier 4
SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETFXOPState Street Global Advisors0.2$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Capital & Income FundFAGIXFidelity0.2$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Advisor Strategic Income FundFADMXFidelity0.2$1b+Tier 4
Vip Strategic Income PortfolioVFSTRIVFidelity0.2$1b+Tier 4
Ric Tax-Managed U.S. Mid Small Cap FundRTSAXRussell Investment Group0.2$1b+Tier 4
Franklin Growth FundFIFRXFranklin Templeton0.2$1b+Tier 4
SPDR Portfolio Sandp 500 High Dividend ETFSPSBState Street Global Advisors0.2$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity MEGA Cap Stock FundFZALXFidelity0.2$1b+Tier 4
Ishares Global Infrastructure ETFIGFBlackRock Advisors0.19$1b+Tier 4
Morgan Stanley Pathway Funds - Large Cap Equity FundTLGUXDelaware / Ivy0.19$1b+Tier 4
Ishares Russell 1000 Value ETFIWDBlackRock Advisors0.19$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Value Discovery FundFVDFXFidelity0.18$1b+Tier 4
Ishares S&P 500 Value ETFIVEBlackRock Advisors0.18$1b+Tier 4
Vanguard Russell 3000 Index FundVRTTXVanguard Group0.18$1b+Tier 4
Six Circles US Unconstrained Equity FundCUSUXJPMorgan Asset Management0.18$1b+Tier 4
Six Circles Managed Equity Portfolio U.S. Unconstrained FundCMEUXJPMorgan Asset Management0.18$1b+Tier 4
Vanguard Tax-Managed Capital Appreciation FundVTCLXVanguard Group0.18$1b+Tier 4
Vanguard Russell 1000 Index FundVRNIXVanguard Group0.18$1b+Tier 4
Vanguard Tax-Managed Balanced FundVTMFXVanguard Group0.18$1b+Tier 4
Vanguard Institutional Index FundVINIXVanguard Group0.18$1b+Tier 4
Ishares Russell 3000 ETFIWVBlackRock Advisors0.18$1b+Tier 4
Ishares Russell 1000 ETFIWBBlackRock Advisors0.18$1b+Tier 4
RPAR Risk Parity ETFRPARToroso Investments0.17$1b+Tier 4
Vanguard Institutional Total Stock Market Index FundVITPXVanguard Group0.17$1b+Tier 4
Vanguard S&P 500 ETFVOOVanguard Group0.17$1b+Tier 4
Vanguard 500 Index FundVFINXVanguard Group0.17$1b+Tier 4
Vanguard Russell 1000 Value Index FundVRVIXVanguard Group0.17$1b+Tier 4
Putnam Growth Opportunities FundPGODXPutnam Investment Management0.17$1b+Tier 4
Janus Henderson Global Research FundJWWFXJanus Henderson0.17$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Advisor New Insights FundFZANXFidelity0.16$1b+Tier 4
SPDR S&P Dividend ETFSDYState Street Global Advisors0.16$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Advisor Diversified Stock FundFZACXFidelity0.16$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Puritan FundFPURXFidelity0.16$1b+Tier 4
Vanguard Growth And Income FundVQNPXVanguard Group0.16$1b+Tier 4
New America Growth PortfolioT. Rowe Price Associates0.16$1b+Tier 4
Ge RSP U.S. Equity FundGESSXGeneral Electric Asset Management0.15$1b+Tier 4
Elfun TrustsELFNXGeneral Electric Asset Management0.15$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Series Stock Selector Large Cap Value FundFBLEXFidelity0.15$1b+Tier 4
Vanguard Value Index FundVIVAXVanguard Group0.15$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Advisor High Income Advantage FundFIQTXFidelity0.15$1b+Tier 4
The Oakmark Select FundOAKLXHarris Associates0.15$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Leveraged Company Stock FundFLVCXFidelity0.14$1b+Tier 4
Vanguard Balanced Index FundVBINXVanguard Group0.14$1b+Tier 4
Vanguard Total Stock Market Index FundVSMPXVanguard Group0.14$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Blue Chip Growth FundFBGRXFidelity0.14$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Series Blue Chip Growth FundFSBDXFidelity0.14$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Blue Chip Growth K6 FundFBCGXFidelity0.14$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Series All-Sector Equity FundFSAEXFidelity0.14$1b+Tier 4
Vanguard Large-Cap Index FundVLACXVanguard Group0.14$1b+Tier 4
Asset Allocation FundVAAAL1VCapital Research & Management Co.0.14$1b+Tier 4
DNP Select Income FunddnpDuff & Phelps Investment0.13$1b+Tier 4
Vanguard Mid-Cap Value Index FundVMVAXVanguard Group0.13$1b+Tier 4
Calamos Growth FundCVGRXCalamos Asset Management0.13$1b+Tier 4
Vanguard Consumer Staples Index FundVCSAXVanguard Group0.13$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Balanced FundFBALXFidelity0.12$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Large Cap Stock FundFLCSXFidelity0.12$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Series Large Cap Stock Fund (Formerly Known As Fidelity Series Growth & Income Fund)FGLGXFidelity0.12$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Advisor Balanced FundFZAAXFidelity0.12$1b+Tier 4
Vip Balanced PortfolioQBA2QFidelity0.12$1b+Tier 4
Franklin Growth Opportunities FundFOPPXFranklin Templeton0.12$1b+Tier 4
Vanguard High Dividend Yield Index FundVYMVanguard Group0.12$1b+Tier 4
Balanced K6 FundFBKFXFidelity0.12$1b+Tier 4
Invesco Value Opportunities FundVVOCXInvesco0.12$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Advisor Multi-Asset Income FundFIWBXFidelity0.12$1b+Tier 4
Global Stock FundTRGLXT. Rowe Price Associates0.11$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Worldwide FundFIQOXFidelity0.11$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Equity-Income FundFEQIXFidelity0.11$1b+Tier 4
Vip Equity-Income PortfolioVFEQIIVFidelity0.11$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Strategic Dividend & Income FundFASDXFidelity0.11$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Advisor Capital Development FundFDETXFidelity0.11$1b+Tier 4
Communications And Technology FundTTMIXT. Rowe Price Associates0.1$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Focused Stock FundFTQGXFidelity0.1$1b+Tier 4
Vip Growth & Income PortfolioQGI2QFidelity0.09$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Growth & Income PortfolioFGRIXFidelity0.09$1b+Tier 4
Vanguard Total World Stock Index FundVTVanguard Group0.09$1b+Tier 4
Bridge Builder Large Cap Value FundBBVLXOlive Street Investment Advisers0.09$1b+Tier 4
Vanguard Energy Index FundVENAXVanguard Group0.09$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Advisor Dividend Growth FundFZADXFidelity0.09$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Dividend Growth FundFDGFXFidelity0.09$1b+Tier 4
Blackrock High Equity Income FundBMCIXBlackRock Advisors0.09$1b+Tier 4
Vip Growth Opportunities PortfolioVFGOPIVFidelity0.09$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Advisor Growth Opportunities FundFZAHXFidelity0.09$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Low-Priced Stock FundFLPSXFidelity0.08$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Low-Priced Stock K6 FundFLKSXFidelity0.08$1b+Tier 4
Select Energy PortfolioFSENXFidelity0.08$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Advisor Energy FundFIKAXFidelity0.08$1b+Tier 4
Pacific Funds(Sm) Strategic IncomePLSFXPacific Life Fund Advisors0.08$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Global Commodity Stock FundFIQRXFidelity0.07$1b+Tier 4
Franklin Income FundFKIQXFranklin Templeton0.07$1b+Tier 4
Dodge & Cox Balanced FundDODBXDodge & Cox0.07$1b+Tier 4
Dodge & Cox Stock FundDODGXDodge & Cox0.07$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Advisor Equity Income FundEQPIXFidelity0.06$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Equity Dividend Income FundFEQTXFidelity0.06$1b+Tier 4
Franklin Managed Income FundFBLAXFranklin Templeton0.06$1b+Tier 4
Vanguard Utilities Index FundVUIAXVanguard Group0.06$1b+Tier 4
Franklin Utilities FundFUFRXFranklin Templeton0.06$1b+Tier 4
Bridge Builder Large Cap Growth FundBBGLXOlive Street Investment Advisers0.05$1b+Tier 4
Davis New York Venture FundNYVCXDavis Advisers0.05$1b+Tier 4
Growth Stock FundPRUFXT. Rowe Price Associates0.05$1b+Tier 4
Large-Cap Growth FundTRLGXT. Rowe Price Associates0.05$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Mid Cap Value FundFSMVXFidelity0.05$1b+Tier 4
US Large Cap Growth PortfolioDUSLXDimensional Fund Advisors0.04$1b+Tier 4
Stock Index FundVSTIXVariable Annuity Life Insurance Company0.04$1b+Tier 4
2Y16 John Hancock Funds II Mid Value FundJMVNXJohn Hancock Funds0.04$1b+Tier 4
Bridge Builder Small/Mid Cap Growth FundBBGSXOlive Street Investment Advisers0.04$1b+Tier 4
U.S. High Relative Profitability PortfolioDURPXDimensional Fund Advisors0.03$1b+Tier 4
The Tax-Exempt Fund Of CaliforniaTAFTXCapital Research & Management Co.0.03$1b+Tier 4
U.S. Large Company PortfolioDFUSXDimensional Fund Advisors0.03$1b+Tier 4
Franklin Rising Dividends FundFRISXFranklin Templeton0.03$1b+Tier 4
The Oakmark FundOAKMXHarris Associates0.03$1b+Tier 4
Mid-Cap Value FundTRMCXT. Rowe Price Associates0.03$1b+Tier 4
Ishares Russell Mid-Cap Growth ETFIWPBlackRock Advisors0.03$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity New Millennium FundFMILXFidelity0.03$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Export And Multinational FundFEXPXFidelity0.03$1b+Tier 4
Ishares Expanded Tech Sector ETFIGMBlackRock Advisors0.02$1b+Tier 4
Ishares S&P 500 Growth ETFIVWBlackRock Advisors0.02$1b+Tier 4
US Large Cap EquityDUSQXDimensional Fund Advisors0.02$1b+Tier 4
U.S. Core Equity 1 PortfolioDFEOXDimensional Fund Advisors0.02$1b+Tier 4
U.S. Core Equity 2 PortfolioDFQTXDimensional Fund Advisors0.02$1b+Tier 4
Calamos Market Neutral Income FundCVSIXCalamos Asset Management0.02$1b+Tier 4
2X32 JHF Classic Value FundJCVIXJohn Hancock Funds0.02$1b+Tier 4
Ishares Russell Mid-Cap Value ETFIWSBlackRock Advisors0.02$1b+Tier 4
2Y7Q JH Multifactor Mid Cap ETFJHMMJohn Hancock Funds0.02$1b+Tier 4
Ishares Russell Mid-Cap ETFIWRBlackRock Advisors0.01$1b+Tier 4
Invesco American Value FundMSAFXInvesco0.01$1b+Tier 4
Ishares Russell 1000 Growth ETFIWFBlackRock Advisors0.01$1b+Tier 4
U.S. Vector Equity PortfolioDFVEXDimensional Fund Advisors0.01$1b+Tier 4
Tax-Managed U.S. Equity PortfolioDTMEXDimensional Fund Advisors0.01$1b+Tier 4
T.A. U.S. Core Equity 2 PortfolioDFTCXDimensional Fund Advisors0.01$1b+Tier 4
Bridge Builder Small/Mid Cap Value FundBBVSXOlive Street Investment Advisers0.01$1b+Tier 4
Vanguard Strategic Equity FundVSEQXVanguard Group0.01$1b+Tier 4
Franklin Equity Income FundFRETXFranklin Templeton0.01$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Mid-Cap Stock FundFMCSXFidelity0.01$1b+Tier 4
U.S. Small Cap PortfolioDFSTXDimensional Fund Advisors0.01$1b+Tier 4
Calamos Growth & Income FundCGIIXCalamos Asset Management0.01$1b+Tier 4
BNY Mellon Appreciation FundDGAGXThe Dreyfus Corporation0.01$1b+Tier 4
Primecap Odyssey Stock FundPOSKXPrimecap Management Co.0$1b+Tier 4
Janus Henderson Growth And Income FundJGICXJanus Henderson0$1b+Tier 4
Vanguard U.S. Value FundVUVLXVanguard Group0$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity International Growth FundFIIIXFidelity0$1b+Tier 4
Select Utilities PortfolioFSUTXFidelity0$1b+Tier 4
Fidelity Series International Growth FundFIGSXFidelity0$1b+Tier 4
Select Software And It Services PortfolioFSCSXFidelity0$1b+Tier 4
Gabelli Small Cap Growth FundGACIXGamco0$1b+Tier 4
The Oakmark Equity & Income FundOAKBXHarris Associates0$1b+Tier 4
The Oakmark Global FundOAKGXHarris Associates0$1b+Tier 4
Growth & Income FundPRGIXT. Rowe Price Associates0$1b+Tier 4
Financial Services FundPRISXT. Rowe Price Associates0$1b+Tier 4
Science & Technology FundTSNIXT. Rowe Price Associates0$1b+Tier 4
Artisan Global Value FundAPHGXArtisan Partners0$1b+Tier 4
Artisan Focus FundARTTXArtisan Partners0$1b+Tier 4
Selected American SharesSLADXDavis Advisers0$1b+Tier 4
Primecap Odyssey Growth FundPOGRXPrimecap Management Co.0$1b+Tier 4
Primecap Odyssey Aggressive Growth FundPOAGXPrimecap Management Co.0$1b+Tier 4
Ishares MSCI KLD 400 Social ETFDSIBlackRock Advisors0$1b+Tier 4
Ishares Russell Top 200 Growth ETFIWYBlackRock Advisors0$1b+Tier 4
Ishares Edge MSCI Multifactor USA ETFLRGFBlackRock Advisors0$1b+Tier 4
Ishares Edge MSCI USA Quality Factor ETFQUALBlackRock Advisors0$1b+Tier 4
Ishares Edge MSCI USA Value Factor ETFVLUEBlackRock Advisors0$1b+Tier 4
Ishares U.S. Infrastructure ETFIFRABlackRock Advisors0$1b+Tier 4
AIG Focused Dividend Strategy FundFDSWXAIG Global Investment Group0$1b+Tier 4
Science & Technology FundVCSTXVariable Annuity Life Insurance Company0$1b+Tier 4
Blue Chip Growth FundVCBCXVariable Annuity Life Insurance Company0$1b+Tier 4
Growth FundVCULXVariable Annuity Life Insurance Company0$1b+Tier 4
Dividend Value FundVCIGXVariable Annuity Life Insurance Company0$1b+Tier 4
Miller Opportunity TrustMVISXMiller Value Funds0$1b+Tier 4
Harbor Large Cap Value FundHAVLXHarbor Funds0$1b+Tier 4
2Y57 JHF II Capital Appreciation Value FundJICPXJohn Hancock Funds0$1b+Tier 4
AMG Yacktman Focused FundYAFIXManagers Investment Group0$1b+Tier 4
AMG Yacktman FundYACKXManagers Investment Group0$1b+Tier 4
Jensen PortfolioJENIXJensen Investment Management0$1b+Tier 4
The Utilities Select Sector SPDR FundXLUState Street Global Advisors0$1b+Tier 4
Brown Advisory - Beutel Goodman Large-Cap Value FundBVALXBrown Advisory0$1b+Tier 4
Virtus Ceredex Mid-Cap Value Equity FundSMVZXVirtus Investment Advisers0$1b+Tier 4
Smead Funds TrustSMVLXSmead Capital Management0$1b+Tier 4
Sequoia FundSEQUXRuane, Cunniff & Goldfarb0$1b+Tier 4
Destinations Small-Mid Cap Equity FundDSMZXBrinker Capital0$1b+Tier 4
Tweedy, Browne International Value Fund (Formerly, Tweedy, Browne Global Value Fund)TBGVXTweedy, Browne Company0$1b+Tier 4
Xtrackers USD High Yield Corporate Bond ETFHYLBDBX Strategic Advisors0$1b+Tier 4
DWS Capital Growth Vip (Formerly Deutsche Capital Growth Vip)VDCGRAVDeutsche Asset Management1$500-999mTier 1
DWS Croci U.S. FundDCUAXDeutsche Asset Management1$500-999mTier 1
DWS Croci Equity Dividend Fund (Formerly Deutsche Croci Equity Dividend Fund)KDHUXDeutsche Asset Management1$500-999mTier 1
DWS Science And Technology FundKTCAXDeutsche Asset Management1$500-999mTier 1
Thrivent Mid Cap Index PortfolioQTMCIXThrivent Investment Management1$500-999mTier 1
First Trust Consumer Staples Alphadex(R) FundFXGFirst Trust Advisors1$500-999mTier 1
First Trust Mid Cap Core Alphadex(R) FundFNXFirst Trust Advisors1$500-999mTier 1
1919 Investment Counsel Socially Responsive Balanced FundSESLX1919 Investment Counsel1$500-999mTier 1
LEGG Mason Low Volatility High Dividend ETFLVHDFranklin Templeton1$500-999mTier 1
Calvert VP S&P Midcap 400 Index PortfolioCSM400ICalvert Research And Management1$500-999mTier 1
3341 Jhfii Multi-Asset Absolute Return FundJHAAXJohn Hancock Funds1$500-999mTier 1
Domini Impact Equity FundDSEFXDomini Social Investments1$500-999mTier 1
Pax Ellevate Global Womens Leadership FundPXWIXPax World Management Corp1$500-999mTier 1
USAA Extended Market Index FundUSMIXUSAA Investment Management Company1$500-999mTier 1
Focused Global GrowthAGGIXAmerican Century Investment Management1$500-999mTier 1
USAA High Income FundUIHIXUSAA Investment Management Company1$500-999mTier 1
Parametric Volatility Risk Premium - Defensive FundEIVPXEaton Vance Management0.99$500-999mTier 1
New Covenant Growth FundNCGFXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.99$500-999mTier 1
AQR Large Cap Multi-Style FundQCERXOptique Capital Management0.99$500-999mTier 1
Invesco V.I. Capital Appreciation FundOPCAPNSInvesco0.99$500-999mTier 1
AQR Large Cap Momentum Style FundAMONXOptique Capital Management0.99$500-999mTier 1
Chartwell Income FundBERIXChartwell Investment Partners0.99$500-999mTier 1
Invesco V.I. Main Street Fund (R)OPMSVNSInvesco0.99$500-999mTier 1
Tst Balanced FundSEBLXTouchstone Funds0.99$500-999mTier 1
USAA Capital Growth FundUICGXUSAA Investment Management Company0.99$500-999mTier 1
Allianz Global Investors Dividend Interest And Premium Strategy Fund (Formerly Allianz Global Investors NFJ Dividend Interest And Premium Strategy Fund)NFJAllianz Global Investors0.99$500-999mTier 1
Allianz Global Investors Dividend Value Fund (Formerly Allianz Global Investors NFJ Dividend Value Fund)PNEAXAllianz Global Investors0.99$500-999mTier 1
Victoryshares US 500 Enhanced Volatility WTD ETFCFOCompass Efficient Model Portfolios0.98$500-999mTier 1
Victoryshares US 500 Volatility WTD ETFCFACompass Efficient Model Portfolios0.98$500-999mTier 1
Wisdomtree US Midcap FundEZMWisdomTree Asset Management0.98$500-999mTier 1
Invesco V.I. Core Equity FundVACES1VInvesco0.98$500-999mTier 1
MFS Low Volatility Equity FundMLVTXMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.98$500-999mTier 1
Mainstay WMC Value Fund (FKA Mainstay Map Equity Fund)MUBFXNew York Life Investment Management0.98$500-999mTier 1
361 Global Long/Short Equity FundAGAJXInvestment Managers Series0.97$500-999mTier 1
Eaton Vance Richard Bernstein Equity Strategy FundERBAXEaton Vance Management0.97$500-999mTier 1
Proshares Ultrapro Dow 30UDOWProFund / ProShare0.97$500-999mTier 1
3358 Jhfiii Global Shareholder Yield FundJGYIXJohn Hancock Funds0.97$500-999mTier 1
Mainstay Mackay Common Stock Fund (FKA Mainstay Common Stock Fund)MCSSXNew York Life Investment Management0.97$500-999mTier 1
Trueshres Low Volatility Equity Income ETFDIVZActive Weighting Advisors0.97$500-999mTier 1
Brown Advisory Flexible Equity FundBAFFXBrown Advisory0.97$500-999mTier 1
Alliancebernstein Tax-Managed Wealth Appreciation StrategyATWYXAllianceBernstein0.97$500-999mTier 1
Quantitative U.S. Large Cap Core Equity PortfolioGTLOXGlenmede Investment Management0.97$500-999mTier 1
Eaton Vance Richard Bernstein All Asset Strategy FundEIRAXEaton Vance Management0.96$500-999mTier 1
First Trust Large Cap Growth Alphadex(R) FundFTCFirst Trust Advisors0.96$500-999mTier 1
Invesco Dynamic Leisure And Entertainment ETFPEJInvesco0.96$500-999mTier 1
2C72 Total Stock Market Index TrustJETSXJohn Hancock Funds0.96$500-999mTier 1
Johnson Equity Income FundJEQIXJohnson Investment Counsel0.96$500-999mTier 1
Horizon Active Asset Allocation FundHASIXHorizon Investments0.96$500-999mTier 1
Columbia Select Global Equity FundCSGVXColumbia Threadneedle0.95$500-999mTier 1
Symmetry Panoramic US Equity FundSPUSXSymmetry Partners0.95$500-999mTier 1
MFS Global Growth FundMWOKXMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.95$500-999mTier 1
Olstein All Cap Value FundOFALXOlstein Capital Management0.95$500-999mTier 1
Alliancebernstein Equity Income FundAUIIXAllianceBernstein0.95$500-999mTier 1
Nationwide Risk-Managed Income ETFNUSIExchange Traded Concepts0.95$500-999mTier 1
First Trust Technology Alphadex(R) FundFXLFirst Trust Advisors0.95$500-999mTier 1
Victory RS Large Cap Alpha Vip SeriesGUSFXVictory Capital Management0.94$500-999mTier 1
Direxion Nasdaq-100(R) Equal Weighted Index SharesQQQERafferty Asset Management0.94$500-999mTier 1
Transamerica Multi-Asset Income (FKA Transamerica Strategic HighTSHIXTransAmerica Funds0.94$500-999mTier 1
Virtus Allianz Global Investors Focused Growth Fund (Formerly Allianz Global Investors Focused Growth Fund)PGFIXAllianz Global Investors0.94$500-999mTier 1
Nasdaq-100 Index FundNASDXShelton Capital Management0.94$500-999mTier 1
Coho Partners Relative Value Equity FundCOHOXCoho Partners0.94$500-999mTier 1
Eaton Vance Dividend Builder FundEVTMXEaton Vance Management0.93$500-999mTier 1
CIBC Atlas Income Opportunities FundAWIIXCIBC Asset Management0.93$500-999mTier 1
Goldman Sachs Technology Opportunities FundGITAXGoldman Sachs Asset Management (US)0.92$500-999mTier 1
Ivy Accumulative FundIATNXDelaware / Ivy0.92$500-999mTier 1
U.S. Socially Responsible FundVCSRXVariable Annuity Life Insurance Company0.92$500-999mTier 1
Franklin Libertyq U.S. Equity ETFFLQLFranklin Templeton0.92$500-999mTier 1
DWS Equity 500 Index Vip (Formerly Deutsche Equity 500 Index VipVDE5IAVDeutsche Asset Management0.91$500-999mTier 1
Invesco Oppenheimer V.I. Main Street Fund (R)OPMSVNSInvesco0.91$500-999mTier 1
Janus Henderson U.S. Managed Volatility FundJRSDXJanus Henderson0.91$500-999mTier 1
Ishares Global Financials ETFIXGBlackRock Advisors0.91$500-999mTier 1
2A28 Jhvit Fundamental Large Cap Value TrustJVFLXJohn Hancock Funds0.9$500-999mTier 1
Invesco Technology FundFTPSXInvesco0.9$500-999mTier 1
Franklin Libertyq Global Equity ETFFLQGFranklin Templeton0.89$500-999mTier 1
Global X Conscious Companies ETFKRMAGlobal X Management Company0.89$500-999mTier 1
BNY Mellon Equity Income FundDQIYXThe Dreyfus Corporation0.89$500-999mTier 1
JPMorgan Intrepid Growth FundJGISXJPMorgan Asset Management0.89$500-999mTier 2
U.S. Managed Volatility FundSVYAXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.89$500-999mTier 2
NVIT AQR Large Cap Defensive Style FundVNNATIVNationwide Fund Advisors0.89$500-999mTier 2
Wells Fargo Omega Growth FundEKONXWells Fargo Funds Management0.88$500-999mTier 2
Distillate U.S. Fundamental Stability & Value ETFDSTLExchange Traded Concepts0.87$500-999mTier 2
VP Mid Cap ValueAVIPXAmerican Century Investment Management0.86$500-999mTier 2
Boston Trust Asset Management FundBTBFX1st Source Corporation Investment Advisers0.86$500-999mTier 2
Mainstay WMC Growth Fund (FKA Mainstay Mackay Growth Fund)KLGIXNew York Life Investment Management0.85$500-999mTier 2
Wells Fargo Large Cap Growth FundSTMFXWells Fargo Funds Management0.84$500-999mTier 2
Proshares Ultra FinancialsUYGProFund / ProShare0.84$500-999mTier 2
Extended Equity Market Index FundPEXMXT. Rowe Price Associates0.84$500-999mTier 2
Columbia Global Equity Value FundIEVAXColumbia Threadneedle0.84$500-999mTier 2
Virtus Tactical Allocation FundVTAIXVirtus Investment Advisers0.84$500-999mTier 2
SIMT US Managed Volatility FundSVOAXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.83$500-999mTier 2
2X6C Jhitii JHF Seaport FundJSFDXJohn Hancock Funds0.83$500-999mTier 2
USAA Growth And Tax Strategy FundUSBLXUSAA Investment Management Company0.83$500-999mTier 2
Invesco Sandp 500 (R) Equal Weight Consumer Staples ETFRHSInvesco0.83$500-999mTier 2
Defiance Next Gen Connectivity ETFFIVGExchange Traded Concepts0.83$500-999mTier 2
PGIM Jennison Global Equity Income Fund - Subadviser: Jennison AssociatesSPQAXPrudential0.83$500-999mTier 2
Muirfield FundFLMIXMeeder Asset Management0.82$500-999mTier 2
Federated Hermes Capital Income Fund (Formerly, Federated Capital Income Fund)CAPSXFederated Hermes0.82$500-999mTier 2
TC Quant Large-Cap Growth FundTLIIXTIAA-CREF Asset Management0.82$500-999mTier 2
Vanguard Financials Index FundVFAIXVanguard Group0.81$500-999mTier 2
MFS Variable Insurance Trust - MFS Research SeriesMFSRESIMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.81$500-999mTier 2
Goldman Sachs Large Cap Growth Insights FundGLCCXGoldman Sachs Asset Management (US)0.8$500-999mTier 2
VY(R) Invesco Global PortfolioIGMIXVoya Investment Management0.8$500-999mTier 2
U.S. Managed Volatility FundSVYAXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.8$500-999mTier 2
Ric Multi-Asset Growth Strategy FundRAZAXRussell Investment Group0.79$500-999mTier 2
American Beacon Bridgeway Large Cap Value FundBRLVXAmerican Beacon Funds0.79$500-999mTier 2
MFS Blended Research Core Equity FundMUEVXMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.78$500-999mTier 2
Ishares ESG Advanced MSCI USA ETFUSXFBlackRock Advisors0.77$500-999mTier 2
Largecap Growth FundPRGWXPrincipal Management Corporation0.76$500-999mTier 2
Goldman Sachs U.S. Equity Insights FundGSSQXGoldman Sachs Asset Management (US)0.76$500-999mTier 2
Strategic Allocation: AggressiveTWSAXAmerican Century Investment Management0.74$500-999mTier 2
Strategic Allocation: ModerateTWSMXAmerican Century Investment Management0.74$500-999mTier 2
Invesco V.I. American Franchise FundINVAMF1Invesco0.74$500-999mTier 2
Tax-Managed Managed Volatility FundTMMAXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.74$500-999mTier 2
Putnam Focused Equity FundPGWTXPutnam Investment Management0.74$500-999mTier 2
Goldman Sachs Variable Insurance Trust - Goldman Sachs U.S. Equity Insights FundGSELXGoldman Sachs Asset Management (US)0.73$500-999mTier 2
Janus Henderson Global Technology And Innovation Portfolio Formerly Known As Janus Henderson Global Technology PortfolioJGLTXJanus Henderson0.73$500-999mTier 2
Janus Henderson Forty PortfolioJACAXJanus Henderson0.72$500-999mTier 2
Nuveen ESG Large-Cap Growth ETFNULGNuveen Asset Management0.72$500-999mTier 2
Ric Global Equity FundRGEAXRussell Investment Group0.71$500-999mTier 2
UBS Pace Large CO Value Equity InvestmentsPCPAXUBS Global Asset Management (Americas)0.71$500-999mTier 2
Clearbridge Variable Appreciation PortfolioCVAPXFranklin Templeton0.71$500-999mTier 2
Voya Large Cap Growth FundVGOSXVoya Investment Management0.71$500-999mTier 2
Goldman Sachs Equal Weight U.S. Large Cap ETFGSEWGoldman Sachs Asset Management (US)0.71$500-999mTier 2
Voya Global High Dividend Low Volatility PortfolioIGHSXVoya Investment Management0.7$500-999mTier 2
SIMT Large Cap Index FundSLGFXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.7$500-999mTier 2
S&P 500 Index FundSPIIXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.7$500-999mTier 2
SIMT Dynamic Asset Allocation FundSDYAXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.7$500-999mTier 2
JPMorgan Insurance Trust Mid Cap Value PortfolioJPMMCV1JPMorgan Asset Management0.7$500-999mTier 2
Voya Large Cap Value FundVLVPXVoya Investment Management0.7$500-999mTier 2
Ric Multifactor U.S. Equity FundRTDAXRussell Investment Group0.69$500-999mTier 2
Vanguard Market Neutral FundVMNFXVanguard Group0.69$500-999mTier 2
Invesco Russell 1000 Equal Weight ETFEQALInvesco0.68$500-999mTier 2
Global Managed Volatility FundSGMIXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.68$500-999mTier 2
MFS Variable Insurance Trust - MFS Investors Trust SeriesMFITSICMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.68$500-999mTier 2
Wells Fargo Disciplined U.S. Core FundEVSRXWells Fargo Funds Management0.67$500-999mTier 2
TIAA-CREF Life Stock Index FundTLSTXTIAA-CREF Asset Management0.66$500-999mTier 2
Loomis Sayles Strategic Alpha FundLABAXNatixis Asset Management Advisors0.66$500-999mTier 2
Global Resources FundGHAIXVan Eck Associates Corporation0.65$500-999mTier 2
JPMorgan U.S. GARP Equity FundJPGSXJPMorgan Asset Management0.65$500-999mTier 2
Voya Corporate Leaders 100 FundVYCIXVoya Investment Management0.65$500-999mTier 2
Multi-Asset Capital Stability FundSMLYXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.64$500-999mTier 2
Pace Large Co Growth Equity InvestmentsPCLCXUBS Global Asset Management (Americas)0.64$500-999mTier 2
Voya Index Plus Largecap PortfolioVIPAXVoya Investment Management0.64$500-999mTier 2
Invesco Dynamic Large Cap Value ETFPWVInvesco0.64$500-999mTier 2
U.S. Equity Factor Allocation FundSEHAXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.64$500-999mTier 2
Multi-Asset Income FundSIOAXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.63$500-999mTier 3
Franklin Mutual U.S. Value FundFBSAXFranklin Templeton0.62$500-999mTier 3
Schwab U.S. Mid-Cap Index FundSWMCXCharles Schwab Investment Management0.62$500-999mTier 3
VP ValueAVPIXAmerican Century Investment Management0.61$500-999mTier 3
Federated Hermes Prudent Bear Fund (Formerly, Federated Prudent Bear Fund)PBRIXFederated Hermes0.61$500-999mTier 3
BNY Mellon Large Cap Equity FundDLACXThe Dreyfus Corporation0.61$500-999mTier 3
Delaware Growth Equity FundFICHXDelaware / Ivy0.61$500-999mTier 3
JPMorgan U.S. Quality Factor ETFJQUAJPMorgan Asset Management0.61$500-999mTier 3
BalancedABINXAmerican Century Investment Management0.6$500-999mTier 3
Large Cap FundSLCAXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.6$500-999mTier 3
Voya Russell (TM) Mid Cap Growth Index PortfolioIRGJXVoya Investment Management0.6$500-999mTier 3
Mainstay MapMSMIXNew York Life Investment Management0.6$500-999mTier 3
First Trust Long/Short Equity ETFFTLSFirst Trust Advisors0.6$500-999mTier 3
Multi-Asset Inflation Managed FundSIFAXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.59$500-999mTier 3
Multi-Asset Real Return FundSEIAXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.59$500-999mTier 3
Invesco Dividend Achievers (TM) ETFPFMInvesco0.58$500-999mTier 3
Wisdomtree U.S. Efficient Core Fund (Formerly Wisdomtree 90/60 Balanced Fund)NTSXWisdomTree Asset Management0.58$500-999mTier 3
Schwab U.S. Large-Cap Growth Index FundSWLGXCharles Schwab Investment Management0.58$500-999mTier 3
Massmutual Equity Opportunities FundMFVSXMassMutual Financial Group0.57$500-999mTier 3
Voya Russell (TM) Small Cap Index PortfolioIIRSXVoya Investment Management0.56$500-999mTier 3
JPMorgan Diversified FundJDVZXJPMorgan Asset Management0.56$500-999mTier 3
Wisdomtree US Largecap FundEPSWisdomTree Asset Management0.56$500-999mTier 3
Pacer Global Cash COWS Dividend ETFGCOWPacer Advisors0.53$500-999mTier 3
Destinations Equity Income FundDGEZXBrinker Capital0.53$500-999mTier 3
Pacer Lunt Large Cap Alternator ETFALTLPacer Advisors0.51$500-999mTier 3
Fidelity Advisor Series Equity Growth FundFMFMXFidelity0.51$500-999mTier 3
Homestead Value FundHOVLXHomestead Funds0.5$500-999mTier 3
Federated Hermes Equity Income Fund, (Formerly, Federated Equity Income FundLEIFXFederated Hermes0.49$500-999mTier 3
Columbia Global Value FundIEVAXColumbia Threadneedle0.49$500-999mTier 3
Fidelity Advisor Industrials FundFIKEXFidelity0.48$500-999mTier 3
Fidelity Advisor Leveraged Company Stock FundFZAKXFidelity0.48$500-999mTier 3
Global Allocation FundTGAFXT. Rowe Price Associates0.47$500-999mTier 3
Tax-Efficient Equity FundTEEFXT. Rowe Price Associates0.47$500-999mTier 3
Invesco Sandp 500 (R) Equal Weight Energy ETFRYEInvesco0.47$500-999mTier 3
Equity Income PortfolioT. Rowe Price Associates0.46$500-999mTier 3
Invesco Sandp Ultra Dividend Revenue ETFRDIVInvesco0.46$500-999mTier 3
Schwab U.S. Large-Cap Value Index FundSWLVXCharles Schwab Investment Management0.46$500-999mTier 3
SPDR Russell 1000 Yield Focus ETFONEYState Street Global Advisors0.45$500-999mTier 3
SPDR Russell 1000 Low Volatility Focus ETFONEVState Street Global Advisors0.45$500-999mTier 3
PMC Funds Diversified Equity FundPMDEXPMC Funds0.43$500-999mTier 3
Wisdomtree U.S. Quality Shareholder Yield FundAGGYWisdomTree Asset Management0.43$500-999mTier 3
Wisdomtree 90/60 U.S. Balanced FundNTSXWisdomTree Asset Management0.42$500-999mTier 3
Putnam Dynamic Asset Allocation Conservative FundPACAXPutnam Investment Management0.41$500-999mTier 3
VY T. Rowe Price Diversified Mid Cap Growth PortfolioVYRIXVoya Investment Management0.4$500-999mTier 3
Blackrock Advantage Large Cap Growth FundCMVIXBlackRock Advisors0.4$500-999mTier 3
Invesco Comstock Select FundCGRWXInvesco0.4$500-999mTier 3
Virtus Ceredex Large-Cap Value Equity FundSTVZXVirtus Investment Advisers0.4$500-999mTier 3
Ishares MSCI ACWI Low Carbon Target ETFCRBNBlackRock Advisors0.39$500-999mTier 3
Blackrock Advantage ESG U.S. Equity FundBIRIXBlackRock Advisors0.38$500-999mTier 3
Select Leisure PortfolioFDLSXFidelity0.37$500-999mTier 3
Select Transportation PortfolioFSRFXFidelity0.37$500-999mTier 3
Nationwide Mid Cap Market Index FundGMXAXNationwide Fund Advisors0.37$500-999mTier 3
Tax-Managed Small/Mid Cap FundSTMSXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.36$500-999mTier 3
Schwab Dividend Equity FundSWDSXCharles Schwab Investment Management0.36$500-999mTier 3
Blackrock Advantage Large Cap Value FundMDLVXBlackRock Advisors0.36$500-999mTier 3
Pace Large Co Value Equity InvestmentsPCLVXUBS Global Asset Management (Americas)0.36$500-999mTier 3
Pacer Trendpilot 100 ETFPTNQPacer Advisors0.35$500-999mTier 3
Invesco Dynamic Large Cap Growth ETFPWBInvesco0.35$500-999mTier 3
Blackrock Advantage Small Cap Growth FundPSGIXBlackRock Advisors0.35$500-999mTier 3
Invesco Energy FundIENSXInvesco0.34$500-999mTier 3
Massmutual Select Equity Opportunities FundMFVNXMassMutual Financial Group0.33$500-999mTier 3
Ishares North American Natural Resources ETFIGEBlackRock Advisors0.32$500-999mTier 3
Ishares Morningstar Mid-Cap ETFJKGBlackRock Advisors0.31$500-999mTier 3
JPMorgan Market Expansion Enhanced Index FundPGMIXJPMorgan Asset Management0.29$500-999mTier 4
Ishares Morningstar Value ETFILCVBlackRock Advisors0.29$500-999mTier 4
SPDR MSCI USA Strategicfactors ETFQUSState Street Global Advisors0.29$500-999mTier 4
Massmutual Select T.Rowe Price Small And Mid Cap Blend FundMMBUXMassMutual Financial Group0.28$500-999mTier 4
Ishares Morningstar U.S. Equity ETFILCBBlackRock Advisors0.28$500-999mTier 4
Blackrock Strategic Global Bond FundMAWIXBlackRock Advisors0.28$500-999mTier 4
Delaware Growth And Income FundFGIPXDelaware / Ivy0.25$500-999mTier 4
Fidelity Blue Chip Value FundFBCVXFidelity0.23$500-999mTier 4
Ishares Morningstar Large-Cap Value ETFJKFBlackRock Advisors0.23$500-999mTier 4
Transamerica Janus Balanced VPTRNSJBSTransAmerica Funds0.22$500-999mTier 4
SPDR SSGA US Large Cap Low Volatility Index ETFLGLVState Street Global Advisors0.22$500-999mTier 4
Ishares Russell Top 200 ETFIWLBlackRock Advisors0.21$500-999mTier 4
Eq/400 Managed Volatility PortfolioEQ400MVAXA Equitable Funds Management Group0.2$500-999mTier 4
Global Growth Stock FundRPGEXT. Rowe Price Associates0.19$500-999mTier 4
Vip Value PortfolioVFVALVVFidelity0.18$500-999mTier 4
Janus Henderson Global Research PortfolioJAWGXJanus Henderson0.17$500-999mTier 4
Puritan K6 FundFPKFXFidelity0.16$500-999mTier 4
SPDR Sandp North American Natural Resources ETFNANRState Street Global Advisors0.15$500-999mTier 4
NVIT Mellon Dynamic U.S. Equity Income FundNationwide Fund Advisors0.15$500-999mTier 4
Vanguard US Value Factor ETFVFVAVanguard Group0.14$500-999mTier 4
Value Line Asset Allocation FundVLAIXValue Line0.13$500-999mTier 4
Fidelity Advisor Large Cap FundFLCJXFidelity0.12$500-999mTier 4
Davenport Value & Income Fund (Dvipx)DVIPXDavenport & Company0.1$500-999mTier 4
USAA Science & Technology FundUSSCXUSAA Investment Management Company0.1$500-999mTier 4
Fidelity Advisor Growth & Income FundFGIZXFidelity0.09$500-999mTier 4
Fidelity Advisor Series Growth Opportunities FundFAOFXFidelity0.09$500-999mTier 4
Fidelity Strategic Real Return FundFSIRXFidelity0.07$500-999mTier 4
Sa U.S. Core Market FundSAMKXDimensional Fund Advisors0.06$500-999mTier 4
SPDR S&P Global Infrastructure ETFGIIState Street Global Advisors0.06$500-999mTier 4
SPDR S&P Insurance ETFKIEState Street Global Advisors0.06$500-999mTier 4
Blackrock Mid Cap Dividend FundMRRFXBlackRock Advisors0.06$500-999mTier 4
Hennessy Gas Utility FundGASFXHennessy Advisors0.05$500-999mTier 4
Natixis U.S. Equity Opportunities Fund - HarrisNEFSXNatixis Asset Management Advisors0.05$500-999mTier 4
Fidelity Natural Resources Fund (Formerly Known As Select Natural Resources Portfolio)FNARXFidelity0.05$500-999mTier 4
Sterling Capital Special Opportunities FundSTRSXSterling Capital Management0.04$500-999mTier 4
Select Natural Resources PortfolioFNARXFidelity0.04$500-999mTier 4
Calamos Hedged Equity FundCIHEXCalamos Asset Management0.02$500-999mTier 4
Davenport Core Fund (Davpx)DAVPXDavenport & Company0.02$500-999mTier 4
2Y7L JH Multifactor Large Cap ETFJHMLJohn Hancock Funds0.02$500-999mTier 4
Sa U.S. Value FundSABTXDimensional Fund Advisors0.01$500-999mTier 4
Fidelity Mid-Cap Stock K6 FundFNKFXFidelity0.01$500-999mTier 4
BNY Mellon Worldwide Growth FundPGROXThe Dreyfus Corporation0.01$500-999mTier 4
Calamos Strategic Total Return FundCSQCalamos Asset Management0$500-999mTier 4
Aptus Collared Income Opportunity ETFACIOExchange Traded Concepts0$500-999mTier 4
Select Financial Services PortfolioFIDSXFidelity0$500-999mTier 4
Select Brokerage And Investment Management PortfolioFSLBXFidelity0$500-999mTier 4
Fidelity Advisor Financial Services FundFIKBXFidelity0$500-999mTier 4
Fidelity Advisor Utilities FundFUGCXFidelity0$500-999mTier 4
Fidelity Telecom And Utilities FundFIUIXFidelity0$500-999mTier 4
The Oakmark Global Select FundOAKWXHarris Associates0$500-999mTier 4
Davis Financial FundRPFGXDavis Advisers0$500-999mTier 4
Davis Global FundDGFAXDavis Advisers0$500-999mTier 4
Clipper FundCFIMXDavis Advisers0$500-999mTier 4
Ishares Transportation Average ETFIYTBlackRock Advisors0$500-999mTier 4
Ishares U.S. Utilities ETFIDUBlackRock Advisors0$500-999mTier 4
Marsico Focus FundMFOCXMarsico Capital Management0$500-999mTier 4
Frontier MFG Core Infrastructure FundFMGIXFrontegra Asset Management0$500-999mTier 4
Large Capital Growth FundVLCGXVariable Annuity Life Insurance Company0$500-999mTier 4
Mid Cap Value FundVMCVXVariable Annuity Life Insurance Company0$500-999mTier 4
Nasdaq-100(R) Index FundVCNIXVariable Annuity Life Insurance Company0$500-999mTier 4
2X13 John Hancock Funds Financial Industries FundJFIFXJohn Hancock Funds0$500-999mTier 4
Mairs And Power Balanced FundMAPOXMunder Capital Management0$500-999mTier 4
Leuthold Core Investment FundLCRIXLeuthold Weeden Capital Management0$500-999mTier 4
Value FundWVAIXWeitz Investment Management0$500-999mTier 4
Aristotle Value Equity FundARSQXInvestment Managers Series0$500-999mTier 4
Templeton Global Balanced FundTZINXFranklin Templeton1$100-499mTier 1
William Blair Growth FundBGFIXWilliam Blair Capital Management1$100-499mTier 1
Janus Henderson Global Income Managed Volatility FundJGGNXJanus Henderson1$100-499mTier 1
DWS Small Cap Index Vip (Formerly Deutsche Small Cap Index Vip)VDSCIAVDeutsche Asset Management1$100-499mTier 1
DWS Croci U.S. Vip (Formerly Deutsche Croci U.S. Vip)VDLCVAVDeutsche Asset Management1$100-499mTier 1
DWS Global Macro FundDBIWXDeutsche Asset Management1$100-499mTier 1
DWS Large Cap Focus Growth FundSGGCXDeutsche Asset Management1$100-499mTier 1
Eaton Vance Focused Value Opportunities FundEIFVXEaton Vance Management1$100-499mTier 1
Parametric Dividend Income FundEIPDXEaton Vance Management1$100-499mTier 1
Victory RS Science And Technology FundRSIFXVictory Capital Management1$100-499mTier 1
Bridgeway Aggressive Investors 1BRAGXBridgeway Capital Management1$100-499mTier 1
First Trust Global Wind Energy ETFFANFirst Trust Advisors1$100-499mTier 1
Invesco Zacks Mid-Cap ETFCZAInvesco1$100-499mTier 1
Proshares Ultra Midcap 400MVVProFund / ProShare1$100-499mTier 1
1919 Investment Counsel Variable Socially Responsive Balanced FundWBGGX1919 Investment Counsel1$100-499mTier 1
Pimco Dividend And Income FundPQIIXAllianz Global Investors1$100-499mTier 1
Delaware Global Listed Real Assets FundDPRSXDelaware / Ivy1$100-499mTier 1
Praxis Value Index FundMVIAXMMA Capital Management1$100-499mTier 1
Praxis Growth Index FundMMDEXMMA Capital Management1$100-499mTier 1
3368 Jhvit Global TrustJEFGXJohn Hancock Funds1$100-499mTier 1
3373 JH ESG Large Cap Core FundJHJAXJohn Hancock Funds1$100-499mTier 1
3377 Jhfglobal Thematic Opportunities FundJTKIXJohn Hancock Funds1$100-499mTier 1
Guggenheim Capital Stewardship FundGFCIXGuggenheim Investment Management1$100-499mTier 1
American Beacon Bridgeway Large Cap Growth FundBRLGXAmerican Beacon Funds1$100-499mTier 1
Alger Funds II - Alger Dynamic Opportunities FundSPEDXFred Alger Management1$100-499mTier 1
Alger Capital Appreciation PortfolioALVOXFred Alger Management1$100-499mTier 1
Alger Large Cap Growth PortfolioAAGOXFred Alger Management1$100-499mTier 1
Pax ESG Beta Quality Fund (Formerly Pax Growth Fund)PXGAXPax World Management Corp1$100-499mTier 1
QS Global Dividend FundLGDCXFranklin Templeton1$100-499mTier 1
QS Global Equity FundCFIPXFranklin Templeton1$100-499mTier 1
QS U.S. Large Cap Equity FundLMISXFranklin Templeton1$100-499mTier 1
US Quality ESG FundNUESXNorthern Trust1$100-499mTier 1
Virtus Vontobel Global Opportunities FundNWWOXVirtus Investment Advisers1$100-499mTier 1
S&P Midcap Index FundSPMIXShelton Capital Management1$100-499mTier 1
Knights Of Columbus Large Cap Growth FundKCGIXKnights Of Columbus Asset Advisors1$100-499mTier 1
Green Century Balanced FundGCBLXGreen Century Capital Management1$100-499mTier 1
Green Century Equity FundGCEQXGreen Century Capital Management1$100-499mTier 1
Victoryshares US Multi-Factor Minimum Volatility ETFVSMVCompass Efficient Model Portfolios1$100-499mTier 1
Northern Lights Fund Trust IV - Inspire 100 ETFBIBLMain Management Fund Advisors1$100-499mTier 1
Northern Lights Fund Trust IV - Inspire Global Hope ETFBLESMain Management Fund Advisors1$100-499mTier 1
Pax U.S. Sustainable Economy FundPWGIXPax World Management Corp1$100-499mTier 1
IQ Candriam ESG U.S. Equity ETFIQSUIQ Investment Advisors1$100-499mTier 1
Virtus Allianz Global Investors Equity And Convertible Income Fund (fka Allianz Global Investors Equity And Convertible Income Fund)NIEAllianz Global Investors1$100-499mTier 1
Northern US Quality ESG FundNUESXNorthern Trust1$100-499mTier 1
Calvert U.S. Mid Cap Core Responsible Index FundCMJAXCalvert Research And Management1$100-499mTier 1
Victoryshares US Large Cap High Div Volatility WTD ETFCDLCompass Efficient Model Portfolios1$100-499mTier 1
Wells Fargo Candb Large Cap Value Portfolio (Master Trust)CBLSXWells Fargo Funds Management1$100-499mTier 1
Delaware Total Return FundFITUXDelaware / Ivy0.99$100-499mTier 1
Invesco Global Focus FundGLVYXInvesco0.99$100-499mTier 1
Calvert Global Energy Solutions FundCGACXCalvert Research And Management0.99$100-499mTier 1
Calvert VP S&P 500 Index PortfolioCalvert Research And Management0.99$100-499mTier 1
Flexshares(R) US Quality Large Cap Index FundQLCNorthern Trust0.99$100-499mTier 1
AQR TM Large Cap Momentum Style FundQTMRXOptique Capital Management0.99$100-499mTier 1
USAA Cornerstone Aggressive FundUCAGXUSAA Investment Management Company0.99$100-499mTier 1
USAA Cornerstone Moderately Conservative FundUCMCXUSAA Investment Management Company0.99$100-499mTier 1
Consumer Products FundRYCIXGuggenheim Investment Management0.99$100-499mTier 1
Kinetics Internet PortfolioWWWFXKinetics Asset Management0.99$100-499mTier 1
USAA Global Managed Volatility FundUGOFXUSAA Investment Management Company0.99$100-499mTier 1
Virtus Allianz Global Investors Global Allocation Fund (Formerly Allianz Global Investors Global Allocation Fund)PALLXAllianz Global Investors0.98$100-499mTier 1
Massmutual Select Fundamental Value FundMFUFXMassMutual Financial Group0.98$100-499mTier 1
Victory RS Global FundRGGYXVictory Capital Management0.98$100-499mTier 1
Osterweis Capital Management Growth & Income Fund, Formerly Known As The Osterweis Capital Management Strategic Investment FundOSTVXOsterweis Capital Management0.98$100-499mTier 1
Victory Munder Multi-Cap FundMNNAXVictory Capital Management0.98$100-499mTier 1
Calvert U.S. Large Cap Growth Responsible Index FundCGJAXCalvert Research And Management0.98$100-499mTier 1
Tst Large Company Growth FundDSMLXTouchstone Funds0.98$100-499mTier 1
Invesco Sandp 500 (R) Equal Weight Consumer Discretionary ETFRCDInvesco0.98$100-499mTier 1
Calvert VP Nasdaq 100 Index PortfolioCN100IICalvert Research And Management0.98$100-499mTier 1
Victory Diversified Stock FundSRVEXVictory Capital Management0.98$100-499mTier 1
Allianz Global Investors Large-Cap Value Fund (Formerly Allianz Global Investors NFJ Large-Cap Value Fund)ANVIXAllianz Global Investors0.98$100-499mTier 1
Virtus Dividend Interest And Premium Strategy Fund (fka Allianz Global Investors Dividend Interest And Premium Strategy Fund)NFJAllianz Global Investors0.98$100-499mTier 1
Clearbridge Large Cap Growth ESG ETFLRGEFranklin Templeton0.98$100-499mTier 1
Mainstay VP Income Builder PortfolioVMSTRSVNew York Life Investment Management0.98$100-499mTier 1
Shelton Core Value FundEQTIXShelton Capital Management0.98$100-499mTier 1
Catholic Values Equity FundCAVYXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.98$100-499mTier 1
Virtus Rampart Equity Trend FundVRPAXVirtus Investment Advisers0.97$100-499mTier 1
Virtus Rampart Sector Trend FundVARIXVirtus Investment Advisers0.97$100-499mTier 1
AQR Alternative Risk Premia FundQRPRXOptique Capital Management0.97$100-499mTier 1
First Trust Dow 30 Equal Weight ETFEDOWFirst Trust Advisors0.97$100-499mTier 1
Proshares Ultra Dow 30DDMProFund / ProShare0.97$100-499mTier 1
Aristotle Core Equity FundARSLXInvestment Managers Series0.97$100-499mTier 1
Strategic Equity PortfolioGTCEXGlenmede Investment Management0.97$100-499mTier 1
Invesco Nasdaq Internet ETFPNQIInvesco0.97$100-499mTier 1
Core Alternative ETFCCORActive Weighting Advisors0.97$100-499mTier 1
UBS US Dividend Ruler FundDVRUXUBS Global Asset Management (Americas)0.97$100-499mTier 1
Hilton Tactical Income FundHCYIXRafferty Asset Management0.97$100-499mTier 1
Invesco Global Growth FundAGGFXInvesco0.97$100-499mTier 1
Alliancebernstein Global Risk Allocation FundCABBXAllianceBernstein0.97$100-499mTier 1
Wells Fargo Utility And Telecommunications FundEVUDXWells Fargo Funds Management0.97$100-499mTier 1
American Beacon Stephens Mid-Cap Growth FundSFMRXAmerican Beacon Funds0.97$100-499mTier 1
Victory RS Growth FundRSGRXVictory Capital Management0.97$100-499mTier 1
Wells Fargo Diversified Income Builder FundEKSRXWells Fargo Funds Management0.97$100-499mTier 1
Pear Tree Quality FundQGIAXPear Tree Advisors0.96$100-499mTier 1
First Trust Multi Cap Growth Alphadex(R) FundFADFirst Trust Advisors0.96$100-499mTier 1
Vaughan Nelson Select FundVNSNXNatixis Asset Management Advisors0.96$100-499mTier 1
6 Meridian Hedged Equity-Index Option ETFSIXHExchange Traded Concepts0.96$100-499mTier 1
6 Meridian Mega Cap Equity ETFSIXAExchange Traded Concepts0.96$100-499mTier 1
Multi-Asset Diversified Income Index FundMDIVFirst Trust Advisors0.96$100-499mTier 1
2X1C Jhvit Strategic Equity Allocation TrustJohn Hancock Funds0.96$100-499mTier 1
Virtus Rampart Enhanced Core Equity FundPXIIXVirtus Investment Advisers0.96$100-499mTier 1
Boston Trust Walden Equity FundWSEFX1st Source Corporation Investment Advisers0.96$100-499mTier 1
Barrons 400 ETFBFORAlps Advisers0.96$100-499mTier 1
Calvert VP Sri Balanced PortfolioCalvert Research And Management0.96$100-499mTier 1
Walden Balanced FundWSBFX1st Source Corporation Investment Advisers0.96$100-499mTier 1
Walden Equity FundWSEFX1st Source Corporation Investment Advisers0.96$100-499mTier 1
Victory Munder Mid-Cap Core Growth FundMGOAXVictory Capital Management0.96$100-499mTier 1
MFS Low Volatility Global Equity FundMVGNXMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.96$100-499mTier 1
Goldman Sachs Variable Insurance Trust - Goldman Sachs Large Cap Value FundGSLIXGoldman Sachs Asset Management (US)0.96$100-499mTier 1
The Golden Rainbow/A James Advised Mutual FundGLRIXJames Advantage Funds0.96$100-499mTier 1
Nuveen Large Cap Value FundNNGAXNuveen Asset Management0.96$100-499mTier 1
Gateway Equity Call Premium FundGCPNXNatixis Asset Management Advisors0.95$100-499mTier 1
1290 VT Smartbeta Equity PortfolioAXA Equitable Funds Management Group0.95$100-499mTier 1
BNY Mellon Active Midcap FundDNLDXThe Dreyfus Corporation0.95$100-499mTier 1
Nicholas Equity Income FundNSEIXNicholas Company0.95$100-499mTier 1
Boston Trust Walden Balanced FundWSBFX1st Source Corporation Investment Advisers0.95$100-499mTier 1
Principal Diversified Select Real Asset FundPDSRXDDJ Capital Management0.95$100-499mTier 1
Nuveen Large Cap Growth FundNLAFXNuveen Asset Management0.95$100-499mTier 1
Nationwide Risk-Based U.S. Equity ETFRBUSExchange Traded Concepts0.95$100-499mTier 1
Clearbridge Variable Large Cap Growth PortfolioLVLGXFranklin Templeton0.95$100-499mTier 1
First Trust Nasdaq Artificial Intelligence And Robotics ETFROBTFirst Trust Advisors0.95$100-499mTier 1
Baron Fifth Avenue Growth FundBFTHXBamco0.95$100-499mTier 1
Chautauqua Global Growth FundCCGSXRobert W. Baird & Co.0.95$100-499mTier 1
Northern Large Cap Core FundNOLCXNorthern Trust0.95$100-499mTier 1
Massmutual Select Mid-Cap Value FundMLUFXMassMutual Financial Group0.95$100-499mTier 1
Wesmark Balanced FundWMBLXWesbanco Investment Department0.95$100-499mTier 1
TCW Relative Value Dividend Appreciation FundTGKDXTCW Asset Management Co0.95$100-499mTier 1
AQR TM Large Cap Multi-Style FundQTLRXOptique Capital Management0.95$100-499mTier 1
Horizon Defensive Multi-Factor FundUSRIXHorizon Investments0.95$100-499mTier 1
Flexshares(R) Quality Dividend Defensive Index FundQDEFNorthern Trust0.95$100-499mTier 1
LKCM Balanced FundLKBAXLuther King Capital Management Corporation0.95$100-499mTier 1
Hotchkis And Wiley Value Opportunities FundHWAZXHotchkis & Wiley Capital Management0.95$100-499mTier 1
Symmetry Panoramic Global Equity FundSPGEXSymmetry Partners0.95$100-499mTier 1
MFS Equity Income FundEQNVXMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.95$100-499mTier 1
Alliancebernstein Value FundABVAXAllianceBernstein0.95$100-499mTier 1
Pinebridge Dynamic Asset Allocation FundPDAVXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.95$100-499mTier 1
Brookfield Global Listed Infrastructure FundBGLCXBrookfield Investment Management0.95$100-499mTier 1
Brookfield Real Assets Income FundRABrookfield Investment Management0.95$100-499mTier 1
Proshares Ultra TechnologyROMProFund / ProShare0.95$100-499mTier 1
Mainstay Balanced FundMBERXNew York Life Investment Management0.95$100-499mTier 1
Victory RS Large Cap Alpha FundRCEYXVictory Capital Management0.94$100-499mTier 1
Small Cap Growth FundSPWIXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.94$100-499mTier 1
Pioneer Flexible Opportunities FundFLEKXPioneer Investments0.94$100-499mTier 1
BMO Dividend Income FundBADIXM&I Investment Management Corp0.94$100-499mTier 1
LKCM Equity FundLKEAXLuther King Capital Management Corporation0.94$100-499mTier 1
White Oak Select Growth Stock FundWOGSXOak Associates0.94$100-499mTier 1
The 3D Printing ETFPRNTArk Investment Management0.94$100-499mTier 1
Ultranasdaq - 100 ProfundUOPSXProFund / ProShare0.94$100-499mTier 1
Monthly Rebalance Nasdaq 100 2X Strategy FundRMQAXGuggenheim Investment Management0.94$100-499mTier 1
Nasdaq-100(R) 2X Strategy FundRYVLXGuggenheim Investment Management0.94$100-499mTier 1
Global Multi-Strategy FundPGLSXPrincipal Management Corporation0.94$100-499mTier 1
Clearbridge All Cap Growth ETFCACGFranklin Templeton0.94$100-499mTier 1
Delaware Select Growth FundDVEAXDelaware / Ivy0.94$100-499mTier 1
Gotham Enhanced 500 ETFGSPYToroso Investments0.94$100-499mTier 1
Allianz Global Investors Equity & Convertible Income FundNIEAllianz Global Investors0.94$100-499mTier 1
Allianz Global Investors Diverified Income And Convertible FundacvAllianz Global Investors0.94$100-499mTier 1
First Trust Nasdaq-100 Ex-Technology Sector Index FundQQXTFirst Trust Advisors0.94$100-499mTier 1
First Trust Utilities Alphadex(R) FundFXUFirst Trust Advisors0.94$100-499mTier 1
Northern Income Equity FundNOIEXNorthern Trust0.94$100-499mTier 1
EIP Growth And Income FundEIPIXEnergy Income Partners0.94$100-499mTier 1
Pimco Energy And Tactical Credit Opportunities FundNRGXPIMCO0.94$100-499mTier 1
Wilmington Global Alpha Equities FundWRAAXMTB Investment Advisors0.93$100-499mTier 1
Delaware Strategic Allocation Fund (F/K/A Delaware Foundation Moderate Allocation Fund)DFBAXDelaware / Ivy0.93$100-499mTier 1
Jackson Square Large-Cap Growth FundDPLGXJackson Square0.93$100-499mTier 1
Flexshares US Quality Low Volatility Index FundQLVNorthern Trust0.93$100-499mTier 1
Invesco Sandp 500 (R) Equal Weight Industrials ETFRGIInvesco0.93$100-499mTier 1
Red Oak Technology Select FundROGSXOak Associates0.93$100-499mTier 1
Massmutual Diversified Value FundMDVSXMassMutual Financial Group0.93$100-499mTier 1
Fulcrum Asset Management Diversified Absolute Return FundFARIXFulcrum Asset Management0.93$100-499mTier 1
Virtus NFJ Large-Cap Value Fund (Formerly Allianz Global Investors Large-Cap Value Fund)ANVIXAllianz Global Investors0.93$100-499mTier 1
Weiss Alternative Balanced Risk FundWEIZXWeiss Multi-Strategy Advisers0.93$100-499mTier 1
Delaware Wealth Builder Fund (F/K/A Delaware Dividend Income Fund)DDIIXDelaware / Ivy0.93$100-499mTier 1
MFS Variable Insurance Trust II - MFS Massachusetts Investors Growth Stock PortfolioMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.93$100-499mTier 1
Nuveen Global Infrastructure FundFGIWXNuveen Asset Management0.92$100-499mTier 1
Thrivent All Cap PortfolioQTACPXThrivent Investment Management0.92$100-499mTier 1
Ab All Market Total Return Portfolio(F/K/A Ab Balanced Wealth Strategy)ABWYXAllianceBernstein0.92$100-499mTier 1
MFS Blended Research Growth Equity FundBRWVXMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.92$100-499mTier 1
Pioneer Disciplined Value FundCVFCXPioneer Investments0.92$100-499mTier 1
Credit Suisse Multialternative Strategy FundCSQIXCredit Suisse Asset Management0.92$100-499mTier 1
Ab Conservative Wealth StrategyABPYXAllianceBernstein0.92$100-499mTier 1
Victory Integrity Mid Cap Value FundMRIMXVictory Capital Management0.91$100-499mTier 1
NVIT Multi-Manager Large Cap Value FundNationwide Fund Advisors0.91$100-499mTier 1
Clearbridge Sustainability Leaders FundCLSUXFranklin Templeton0.91$100-499mTier 1
Morgan Stanley Institutional Fund - US Core PortfolioMUOIXMorgan Stanley Investment Management0.91$100-499mTier 1
Goldman Sachs Concentrated Growth FundGACPXGoldman Sachs Asset Management (US)0.91$100-499mTier 1
World Select Equity FundSWSAXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.91$100-499mTier 1
Guggenheim Directional Allocation FundTVRTXGuggenheim Investment Management0.91$100-499mTier 1
The Tocqueville FundTOCQXTocqueville Asset Management0.91$100-499mTier 1
Oshaughnessy Market Leaders Value FundOFVIXO'Shaughnessy Asset Management0.9$100-499mTier 1
Wasatch Global Value FundFMIEXWasatch Advisors0.9$100-499mTier 1
Invesco Low Volatility Equity Yield FundSCAUXInvesco0.9$100-499mTier 1
Brandywineglobal - Diversified US Large Cap Value FundLBWAXFranklin Templeton0.9$100-499mTier 1
Pimco RAFI Dynamic Multi-Factor U.S. Equity ETFMFUSAllianz Global Investors0.9$100-499mTier 1
Pioneer Balanced ESG FundAOBLXPioneer Investments0.9$100-499mTier 1
Port Street Quality Growth FundPSQGXPort Street0.9$100-499mTier 1
Invesco V.I. Technology FundVATCS1VInvesco0.9$100-499mTier 1
BNY Mellon Income Stock FundMPISXBNY Mellon0.9$100-499mTier 1
Pace Alternative Strategies InvestmentsPASIXUBS Global Asset Management (Americas)0.9$100-499mTier 1
American Century Stoxx U.S. Quality Growth ETFQGROAmerican Century Investment Management0.9$100-499mTier 1
Engine No. 1 Transform 500 ETFVOTEEngine No. 10.89$100-499mTier 1
First Trust Consumer Discretionary Alphadex(R) FundFXDFirst Trust Advisors0.89$100-499mTier 1
Goldman Sachs Variable Insurance Trust - Goldman Sachs Strategic Growth FundGSVSGROGoldman Sachs Asset Management (US)0.89$100-499mTier 1
Nuveen Large Cap Core FundNLCDXNuveen Asset Management0.89$100-499mTier 1
Victory S & P 500 Index FundMUXAXVictory Capital Management0.89$100-499mTier 1
Avantis U.S. EquityAVUSXAmerican Century Investment Management0.89$100-499mTier 1
Massmutual Premier Disciplined Growth FundMPGSXMassMutual Financial Group0.89$100-499mTier 1
Xtrackers MSCI Kokusai Equity ETFKOKUDBX Strategic Advisors0.89$100-499mTier 2
Mid-Cap Growth PortfolioT. Rowe Price Associates0.88$100-499mTier 2
Goldman Sachs Strategic Growth FundGGRAXGoldman Sachs Asset Management (US)0.88$100-499mTier 2
Invesco Global Infrastructure FundGIZSXInvesco0.88$100-499mTier 2
2Y68 Jhfii Fundamental All Cap Core FundJFCAXJohn Hancock Funds0.88$100-499mTier 2
Edgar Lomax Value FundLOMAXEdgar Lomax0.88$100-499mTier 2
Alliancebernstein Core Opportunities FundADGIXAllianceBernstein0.88$100-499mTier 2
NVIT Small Cap Index FundVNSCIYVNationwide Fund Advisors0.88$100-499mTier 2
AMG Montrusco Bolton Large Cap Growth FundMCGFXManagers Investment Group0.88$100-499mTier 2
Invesco Dynamic Food And Beverage ETFPBJInvesco0.88$100-499mTier 2
Wells Fargo Endeavor Select FundSTAEXWells Fargo Funds Management0.88$100-499mTier 2
BNY Mellon Balanced Opportunity FundDBOAXThe Dreyfus Corporation0.88$100-499mTier 2
Clearbridge Tactical Dividend Income FundLBDAXFranklin Templeton0.87$100-499mTier 2
Columbia Disciplined Growth FundCLQZXColumbia Threadneedle0.87$100-499mTier 2
MFS Variable Insurance Trust II - MFS Core Equity PortfolioMFCEPICMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.87$100-499mTier 2
MFS Variable Insurance Trust III - MFS Mid Cap Value PortfolioSCGMXMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.87$100-499mTier 2
Select Insurance PortfolioFSPCXFidelity0.86$100-499mTier 2
VP UltraAVPUXAmerican Century Investment Management0.86$100-499mTier 2
Alger Growth & Income FundALBAXFred Alger Management0.86$100-499mTier 2
DWS ESG Core Equity FundMIDTXDeutsche Asset Management0.86$100-499mTier 2
Horizon ESG Defensive Core FundHESAXHorizon Investments0.86$100-499mTier 2
Bridgeway Blue Chip FundBRLIXBridgeway Capital Management0.86$100-499mTier 2
American Century Focused Large Cap Value ETFFLVAmerican Century Investment Management0.86$100-499mTier 2
AQR Multi-Asset FundAQRRXOptique Capital Management0.86$100-499mTier 2
Flexshares Stoxx US ESG Select Index FundESGNorthern Trust0.86$100-499mTier 2
Eaton Vance Growth FundELCRXEaton Vance Management0.85$100-499mTier 2
Invesco Sandp 500 Momentum ETFSPMOInvesco0.85$100-499mTier 2
The North Country Funds - Equity Growth FundNCEGXNorth Country Investment Advisers0.85$100-499mTier 2
Flexshares Stoxx Global ESG Select Index FundESGGNorthern Trust0.85$100-499mTier 2
Goldman Sachs Large Cap Value FundGMYPXGoldman Sachs Asset Management (US)0.85$100-499mTier 2
Boston Trust Equity FundBTEFX1st Source Corporation Investment Advisers0.85$100-499mTier 2
Sustainable EquityESGAAmerican Century Investment Management0.85$100-499mTier 2
Wesmark Growth FundWMKGXWesbanco Investment Department0.85$100-499mTier 2
SPDR S&P Transportation ETFXTNState Street Global Advisors0.84$100-499mTier 2
MFS Variable Insurance Trust II - MFS Global Tactical Allocation PortfolioMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.84$100-499mTier 2
Invesco Sandp Midcap 400 (R) Equal Weight ETFEWMCInvesco0.84$100-499mTier 2
Universal Institutional Funds, - Global Strategist PortfolioMABIXMorgan Stanley Investment Management0.84$100-499mTier 2
Invesco Sandp 500 (R) Equal Weight Financials ETFRYFInvesco0.84$100-499mTier 2
Wilmington Large-Cap Strategy FundWMLIXMTB Investment Advisors0.84$100-499mTier 2
S&P 500 2X Strategy FundRYTTXGuggenheim Investment Management0.84$100-499mTier 2
S&P 500 FundRYSOXGuggenheim Investment Management0.84$100-499mTier 2
Deutsche DWS Institutional Funds-Deutsche DWS Equity 500 Index PortfolioBTIRXDeutsche Asset Management0.84$100-499mTier 2
QS S&P 500 Index FundSBSPXFranklin Templeton0.84$100-499mTier 2
S&P 500 Index FundSPFIXShelton Capital Management0.84$100-499mTier 2
Virtus KAR Capital Growth Series (FKA Virtus Capital Growth Series)VIRTGRAVirtus Investment Advisers0.84$100-499mTier 2
Virtus KAR Capital Growth FundVCGRXVirtus Investment Advisers0.84$100-499mTier 2
Goldman Sachs Equity Income FundGSIIXGoldman Sachs Asset Management (US)0.83$100-499mTier 2
Wells Fargo Large Cap Core FundEGOHXWells Fargo Funds Management0.83$100-499mTier 2
Nuveen Equity Long/Short FundNELIXNuveen Asset Management0.83$100-499mTier 2
Federated Hermes Global Allocation Fund (Formerly, Federated Global Allocation Fund)SBFIXFederated Hermes0.83$100-499mTier 2
BNY Mellon Sustainable U.S. Equity FundDTCAXThe Dreyfus Corporation0.83$100-499mTier 2
Thrivent Opportunity Income Plus PortfolioQTOIPXThrivent Investment Management0.83$100-499mTier 2
Xtrackers Russell 1000 Comprehensive Factor ETFDEUSDBX Strategic Advisors0.83$100-499mTier 2
First Trust Lunt U.S. Factor Rotation ETFFCTRFirst Trust Advisors0.83$100-499mTier 2
Columbia Disciplined Value FundCVQZXColumbia Threadneedle0.83$100-499mTier 2
VP Disciplined Core ValueAVGIXAmerican Century Investment Management0.82$100-499mTier 2
TIAA-CREF Life Growth And Income FundTLGWXTIAA-CREF Asset Management0.82$100-499mTier 2
TIAA-CREF Life Growth Equity FundTLGQXTIAA-CREF Asset Management0.82$100-499mTier 2
Invesco Global Core Equity FundAWSSXInvesco0.82$100-499mTier 2
Proshares Large Cap Core PlusCSMProFund / ProShare0.82$100-499mTier 2
Sit Dividend Growth Fund (Series G)SDVGXSit Investment Associates0.82$100-499mTier 2
Balanced FundBLNIXMeeder Asset Management0.82$100-499mTier 2
AQR Global Equity FundAQGRXOptique Capital Management0.82$100-499mTier 2
Invesco DWA Consumer Staples Momentum ETFPSLInvesco0.82$100-499mTier 2
ASG Global Alternatives FundGAFAXNatixis Asset Management Advisors0.82$100-499mTier 2
Transamerica Large Value OpportunitiesTLORXTransAmerica Funds0.82$100-499mTier 2
Transamerica Large CoreTLARXTransAmerica Funds0.82$100-499mTier 2
Westfield Capital Dividend Growth FundWCDGXWestfield Capital0.82$100-499mTier 2
Artisan Global Equity FundARTHXArtisan Partners0.81$100-499mTier 2
Transamerica Madison Diversified Income VPTRNSMDITransAmerica Funds0.81$100-499mTier 2
Sit Large Cap Growth FundSNIGXSit Investment Associates0.81$100-499mTier 2
First Trust Multi Cap Value Alphadex FundFABFirst Trust Advisors0.81$100-499mTier 2
Morgan Stanley Institutional Fund Trust Global Strategist PortfolioMPBAXMorgan Stanley Investment Management0.81$100-499mTier 2
American Century Stoxx U.S. Quality Value ETFVALQAmerican Century Investment Management0.81$100-499mTier 2
Proshares Ultra Oil & GasDIGProFund / ProShare0.8$100-499mTier 2
Energy FundRYEIXGuggenheim Investment Management0.8$100-499mTier 2
Guggenheim Styleplus - Large Core FundSFEPXGuggenheim Investment Management0.8$100-499mTier 2
Series A - Styleplus - Large Core SeriesVSBAEQVGuggenheim Investment Management0.8$100-499mTier 2
Franklin Libertyq U.S. Mid Cap Equity ETFFLQMFranklin Templeton0.8$100-499mTier 2
Dynamic Allocation FundDYGIXMeeder Asset Management0.8$100-499mTier 2
Conservative Allocation FundIFAIXMeeder Asset Management0.8$100-499mTier 2
Moderate Allocation FundDVOIXMeeder Asset Management0.8$100-499mTier 2
Goldman Sachs Innovate Equity ETFGINNGoldman Sachs Asset Management (US)0.8$100-499mTier 2
JPMorgan U.S. Sustainable Leaders FundJIISXJPMorgan Asset Management0.79$100-499mTier 2
Mainstay VP Balanced PortfolioVMSBASVNew York Life Investment Management0.79$100-499mTier 2
Spectrum FundSRUIXMeeder Asset Management0.79$100-499mTier 2
Cambiar Opportunity FundCAMWXCambiar Investors0.79$100-499mTier 2
TCW Relative Value Large Cap FundTGDVXTCW Asset Management Co0.79$100-499mTier 2
Clearbridge Variable Large Cap Value PortfolioQLMVIXFranklin Templeton0.79$100-499mTier 2
AMG Veritas Global Real Return FundBLUEXManagers Investment Group0.79$100-499mTier 2
Ric Multi-Strategy Income FundRMYAXRussell Investment Group0.79$100-499mTier 2
Guidemark Large Cap Core FundGILGXAssetmark Investment Services0.78$100-499mTier 2
MFS Variable Insurance Trust II - MFS Blended Research Core Equity PortfolioMFSBRCIMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.78$100-499mTier 2
Nuveen ESG International Developed Markets Equity ETFNUDMNuveen Asset Management0.78$100-499mTier 2
NVIT Multi-Manager Mid Cap Value FundVNMCV2VNationwide Fund Advisors0.78$100-499mTier 2
Tst Value FundTVLIXTouchstone Funds0.78$100-499mTier 2
Large Company Growth PortfolioWLCGXWilshire Associates Incorporated0.77$100-499mTier 2
UBS U.S. Allocation FundPWTAXUBS Global Asset Management (Americas)0.77$100-499mTier 2
MFS Blended Research Mid Cap Equity FundBMSSXMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.77$100-499mTier 2
Invesco Oppenheimer Fundamental Alternatives FundQVOPXInvesco0.77$100-499mTier 2
VY Columbia Contrarian Core PortfolioISBAXVoya Investment Management0.77$100-499mTier 2
VP Large Company ValueAVVIXAmerican Century Investment Management0.77$100-499mTier 2
Multi-Manager Directional Alternative Strategies FundCDAZXColumbia Threadneedle0.77$100-499mTier 2
Series B (Large Cap Value Series)VSBBLCVGuggenheim Investment Management0.76$100-499mTier 2
Clearbridge Variable Dividend Strategy PortfolioQLMEIXFranklin Templeton0.76$100-499mTier 2
Massmutual Balanced FundMBLDXMassMutual Financial Group0.76$100-499mTier 2
Shelton Equity Income FundEQTIXShelton Capital Management0.76$100-499mTier 2
MFS Global Alternative Strategy FundDVRLXMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.76$100-499mTier 2
MFS Blended Research Value Equity FundBRUNXMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.75$100-499mTier 2
Wisdomtree U.S. Multifactor FundUSMFWisdomTree Asset Management0.75$100-499mTier 2
Columbia Global Opportunities FundCLNRXColumbia Threadneedle0.75$100-499mTier 2
Neuberger Berman Absolute Return Multi-Manager FundNRABXNeuberger Berman0.74$100-499mTier 2
Pioneer Fund VCT PortfolioVPIFD1VPioneer Investments0.74$100-499mTier 2
Ric Sustainable Equity FundREQAXRussell Investment Group0.74$100-499mTier 2
Brandywineglobal - Dynamic US Large Cap Value FundLMDFXFranklin Templeton0.74$100-499mTier 2
Ishares ESG Screened Sandp 500 ETFXVVBlackRock Advisors0.74$100-499mTier 2
UBS Global Allocation FundBNGLXUBS Global Asset Management (Americas)0.74$100-499mTier 2
Transamerica Large GrowthTGWFXTransAmerica Funds0.73$100-499mTier 2
Massmutual Premier Balanced FundMBLDXMassMutual Financial Group0.73$100-499mTier 2
RBC Global Opportunities FundRGOIXVoyageur Asset Management0.73$100-499mTier 2
Massmutual Disciplined Growth FundDEIGXMassMutual Financial Group0.72$100-499mTier 2
UBS US Quality Growth At Reasonable Price FundQGRPXUBS Global Asset Management (Americas)0.72$100-499mTier 2
Thrivent Balanced Income Plus PortfolioAABFXThrivent Investment Management0.72$100-499mTier 2
Columbia Large Cap Enhanced Core FundNMIMXColumbia Threadneedle0.72$100-499mTier 2
Massmutual Select Equity Asset FundMSEJXMassMutual Financial Group0.71$100-499mTier 2
Loomis Sayles High Income Opportunities FundLSIOXLoomis, Sayles & Co.0.71$100-499mTier 2
Loomis Sayles Fixed Income FundLSFIXLoomis, Sayles & Co.0.71$100-499mTier 2
Loomis Sayles Institutional High Income FundLSHIXLoomis, Sayles & Co.0.71$100-499mTier 2
Loomis Sayles Investment Grade Fixed Income FundLSIGXLoomis, Sayles & Co.0.71$100-499mTier 2
Strategic Allocation: ConservativeTWSCXAmerican Century Investment Management0.71$100-499mTier 2
Ric Equity Income FundRSQAXRussell Investment Group0.71$100-499mTier 2
JPMorgan Global Research Enhanced Index FundJEITXJPMorgan Asset Management0.71$100-499mTier 2
Goldman Sachs Activebeta U.S. Small Cap Equity ETFGSSCGoldman Sachs Asset Management (US)0.71$100-499mTier 2
Proshares Ultra Russell 2000UWMProFund / ProShare0.71$100-499mTier 2
Proshares Ultrapro Russell 2000URTYProFund / ProShare0.71$100-499mTier 2
Small Cap Value FundSMVIXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.71$100-499mTier 2
Invesco S&P 500 (R) Equal Weight Utilities ETFRYUInvesco0.71$100-499mTier 2
Transamerica JPMorgan Mid Cap Value VPTRNSMCSTransAmerica Funds0.7$100-499mTier 2
JPMorgan Intrepid Value FundJIVMXJPMorgan Asset Management0.7$100-499mTier 2
Voya Global High Dividend Low Volatility FundNAWIXVoya Investment Management0.7$100-499mTier 2
Mainstay Mackay U.S. Equity Opportunities Fund (FKA Mainstay U.S. Equity Opportunities Fund)MYCIXNew York Life Investment Management0.7$100-499mTier 2
VY Invesco Comstock PortfolioIVKIXVoya Investment Management0.7$100-499mTier 2
Voya Large Cap Value PortfolioIPEIXVoya Investment Management0.7$100-499mTier 2
Osterweis Capital Management FundOSTFXOsterweis Capital Management0.7$100-499mTier 2
Agfiq U.S. Market Neutral Anti-Beta FundBTALFFCM0.69$100-499mTier 2
Voya U.S. High Dividend Low Volatility FundVLVTXVoya Investment Management0.69$100-499mTier 2
Goldman Sachs Just U.S. Large Cap Equity ETFJUSTGoldman Sachs Asset Management (US)0.69$100-499mTier 2
Goldman Sachs Large Cap Value Insights FundGMXPXGoldman Sachs Asset Management (US)0.69$100-499mTier 2
AMG River Road Dividend All Cap Value FundARZDXManagers Investment Group0.69$100-499mTier 2
Voya Balanced Income PortfolioIIFAXVoya Investment Management0.68$100-499mTier 2
JPMorgan U.S. Momentum Factor ETFJMOMJPMorgan Asset Management0.68$100-499mTier 2
BEcker Value Equity FundBVEFXBecker Capital Management0.68$100-499mTier 2
Morgan Stanley Institutional Fund Global Infrastructure PortfolioMTIIXMorgan Stanley Investment Management0.68$100-499mTier 2
Advent Convertible And Income FundavkAdvent Capital Management0.67$100-499mTier 2
JPMorgan Diversified Return U.S. Equity ETFJPUSJPMorgan Asset Management0.67$100-499mTier 2
Thompson Largecap FundthpgxThompson Investment Management0.67$100-499mTier 2
BNY Mellon US Large Cap Core Equity ETFBKLCBNY Mellon0.67$100-499mTier 2
Amplify Online Retail ETFIBUYAmplify Investments0.66$100-499mTier 2
JPMorgan Diversified Return U.S. Mid Cap Equity ETFJPMEJPMorgan Asset Management0.66$100-499mTier 2
VY JPMorgan Mid Cap Value PortfolioIJMAXVoya Investment Management0.65$100-499mTier 2
American Beacon Diversified FundZABDFXAmerican Beacon Funds0.65$100-499mTier 2
Principal Active Income ETFYLDPrincipal Management Corporation0.65$100-499mTier 2
Invesco V.I. Conservative Balanced FundOPCVBNSInvesco0.65$100-499mTier 2
Vanguard Russell 2000 Index FundVRTIXVanguard Group0.64$100-499mTier 2
Voya Balanced PortfolioIBPAXVoya Investment Management0.64$100-499mTier 2
VY Invesco Growth And Income PortfolioIVGIXVoya Investment Management0.64$100-499mTier 2
Columbia Multi-Asset Income FundCMUYXColumbia Threadneedle0.64$100-499mTier 2
Lord Abbett Durable Growth FundLDGYXLord Abbett & Co.0.63$100-499mTier 3
Vanguard Industrials Index FundVINAXVanguard Group0.63$100-499mTier 3
JPMorgan Opportunistic Equity Long Short FundJOELXJPMorgan Asset Management0.62$100-499mTier 3
Guggenheim Enhanced Equity Income FundGPMGuggenheim Investment Management0.62$100-499mTier 3
Horizon Defined Risk FundHNDRXHorizon Investments0.62$100-499mTier 3
VP BalancedAVBIXAmerican Century Investment Management0.62$100-499mTier 3
Blackrock Capital Appreciation PortfolioSRLSXBlackRock Advisors0.62$100-499mTier 3
Goldman Sachs Variable Insurance Trust -- Goldman Sachs Large Cap Value FundGSLIXGoldman Sachs Asset Management (US)0.62$100-499mTier 3
Wilshire 5000 Index FundWINDXWilshire Associates Incorporated0.61$100-499mTier 3
Hotchkis And Wiley Large Cap Value FundHWLZXHotchkis & Wiley Capital Management0.61$100-499mTier 3
Neuberger Berman Multi Cap Opportunities FundNMUAXNeuberger Berman0.61$100-499mTier 3
VanEck Vectors Natural Resources ETFHAPVan Eck Associates Corporation0.61$100-499mTier 3
Voya Index Plus Midcap PortfolioIPMSXVoya Investment Management0.61$100-499mTier 3
Voya Mid Cap Research Enhanced Index FundVYMQXVoya Investment Management0.61$100-499mTier 3
Goldman Sachs Energy Infrastructure Fund (Formerly Goldman Sachs MLP And Energy Fund)GLESXGoldman Sachs Asset Management (US)0.61$100-499mTier 3
Cohen & Steers MLP & Energy Opportunity FundMLORXCohen & Steers Capital Management0.61$100-499mTier 3
Invesco Sandp Midcap 400 Revenue ETFRWKInvesco0.6$100-499mTier 3
Nuveen NWQ Global Equity Income FundNQGAXNuveen Asset Management0.6$100-499mTier 3
Alliancebernstein Select US Equity PortfolioAUURXAllianceBernstein0.6$100-499mTier 3
VY T. Rowe Price Equity Income PortfolioITEIXVoya Investment Management0.6$100-499mTier 3
JPMorgan U.S. Value Factor ETFJVALJPMorgan Asset Management0.6$100-499mTier 3
Select Wireless PortfolioFWRLXFidelity0.59$100-499mTier 3
Global X Adaptive U.S. Factor ETFAUSFGlobal X Management Company0.59$100-499mTier 3
IQ Chaikin U.S. Large Cap ETFCLRGIQ Investment Advisors0.59$100-499mTier 3
Large Company Value PortfolioWLCVXWilshire Associates Incorporated0.59$100-499mTier 3
Invesco V.I. Equally-Weighted S&P 500 FundVMSEWXVInvesco0.59$100-499mTier 3
Lazard Retirement Global Dynamic Multi Asset PortfolioLARGDMSLazard Asset Management (US)0.59$100-499mTier 3
Haverford Quality Growth Stock FundHAVGXHaverford Trust Company0.59$100-499mTier 3
Morgan Stanley Institutional Fund Trust - Dynamic Value PortfolioMAADXMorgan Stanley Investment Management0.59$100-499mTier 3
Invesco Raymond James SB-1 Equity ETFRYJInvesco0.58$100-499mTier 3
Invesco Rafi(Tm) Strategic US ETFIUSInvesco0.58$100-499mTier 3
Vident Core U.S. Equity FundVUSEExchange Traded Concepts0.58$100-499mTier 3
Wells Fargo Large Company Value FundWWIDXWells Fargo Funds Management0.58$100-499mTier 3
Hartford Multifactor US Equity ETFROUSLattice Strategies0.58$100-499mTier 3
Invesco Sandp 500 (R) Downside Hedged ETFPHDGInvesco0.58$100-499mTier 3
LSV Conservative Value Equity FundLSVVXLSV Asset Management0.58$100-499mTier 3
BNY Mellon Focused Equity Opportunities FundMFOIXBNY Mellon0.57$100-499mTier 3
Weiss Alternative Balanced Risk FundWEISXWeiss Multi-Strategy Advisers0.56$100-499mTier 3
Nationwide Loomis All Cap Growth FundNWADXNationwide Fund Advisors0.56$100-499mTier 3
ETHO Climate Leadership U.S. ETFETHOFactor Advisors0.56$100-499mTier 3
Ishares Morningstar Mid-Cap Value ETFJKIBlackRock Advisors0.56$100-499mTier 3
Easterly Funds Capital Long/Short Opportunity FundSNOAXEasterly Funds0.56$100-499mTier 3
The North Country Funds - Large Cap Equity FundNCEGXNorth Country Investment Advisers0.56$100-499mTier 3
Horizon Active Dividend FundHADUXHorizon Investments0.55$100-499mTier 3
Invesco Defensive Equity ETFDEFInvesco0.55$100-499mTier 3
JPMorgan Insurance Trust U.S. Equity PortfolioJPMTDEPJPMorgan Asset Management0.55$100-499mTier 3
SPDR SSGA Gender Diversity Index ETFSHEState Street Global Advisors0.55$100-499mTier 3
Wilshire Large Company Value FundWLCVXWilshire Associates Incorporated0.55$100-499mTier 3
Select Communication Services Portfolio (Formerly Known As Select Multimedia Portfolio)FGJMXFidelity0.55$100-499mTier 3
JPMorgan Equity Focus FundJPFRXJPMorgan Asset Management0.54$100-499mTier 3
Massmutual Select Diversified Value FundMDDRXMassMutual Financial Group0.54$100-499mTier 3
Voya Multi-Manager Mid Cap Value FundIMCVXVoya Investment Management0.53$100-499mTier 3
Spirit Of America Energy FundSACEXSpirit Of America Management Corp0.53$100-499mTier 3
MM Equity Asset FundMSEJXMassMutual Financial Group0.53$100-499mTier 3
JPMorgan U.S. Applied Data Science Value FundJPIVXJPMorgan Asset Management0.53$100-499mTier 3
Principal Diversified Select Real Asset FundPDSKXPrincipal Global Investors0.53$100-499mTier 3
Invesco Fundamental Alternatives FundQVOPXInvesco0.53$100-499mTier 3
Invesco Sandp 500 Enhanced Value ETFSPVUInvesco0.52$100-499mTier 3
Payden Kravitz FundPKCIXPayden & Rygel0.52$100-499mTier 3
American Beacon Balanced FundABCCXAmerican Beacon Funds0.52$100-499mTier 3
Blackrock Science And Technology TrustBSTBlackRock Advisors0.52$100-499mTier 3
Value Line Larger Companies Focused FundVLLIXValue Line0.51$100-499mTier 3
Vip Dynamic Capital Appreciation PortfolioVFDCAIVFidelity0.5$100-499mTier 3
2C25 Blue Chip Growth TrustJACHXJohn Hancock Funds0.5$100-499mTier 3
VY American Century Small-Mid Cap Value PortfolioIACIXVoya Investment Management0.5$100-499mTier 3
Capital Group U.S. Equity FundCUSEXCapital Research & Management Co.0.5$100-499mTier 3
Commerce Value FundCFVLXCommerce Investment Advisors0.5$100-499mTier 3
Artisan Value FundAPHLXArtisan Partners0.5$100-499mTier 3
Evercore Equity FundEWMCXEvercore Wealth Management0.49$100-499mTier 3
Janus Henderson Dividend And Income Builder FundHDTVXJanus Henderson0.49$100-499mTier 3
Davidson Multi-Cap Equity FundDFMAXDavidson Investment Advisors0.49$100-499mTier 3
Select Industrials PortfolioFCYIXFidelity0.48$100-499mTier 3
Goldman Sachs Multi-Manager Alternatives FundGMCMXGoldman Sachs Asset Management (US)0.48$100-499mTier 3
Commerce Growth FundCFGRXCommerce Investment Advisors0.48$100-499mTier 3
Schwab Fundamental U.S. Broad Market Index ETFFNDBCharles Schwab Investment Management0.47$100-499mTier 3
Centre American Select Equity FundDHAMXCentre Asset Management0.47$100-499mTier 3
Thrivent Balanced Income Plus FundIBBFXThrivent Investment Management0.46$100-499mTier 3
Icon Natural Resources And Infrastructure FundICBMXShelton Capital Management0.46$100-499mTier 3
Vip Industrials PortfolioVFINDIVFidelity0.45$100-499mTier 3
Pacer Lunt Large Cap Multi-Factor Alternator ETFPALCPacer Advisors0.45$100-499mTier 3
Massmutual Select T.Rowe Price Real Assets FundMMRFXMassMutual Financial Group0.45$100-499mTier 3
Goldman Sachs Variable Insurance Trust - Goldman Sachs Small Cap Equity Insights FundGCSIXGoldman Sachs Asset Management (US)0.45$100-499mTier 3
Blackrock Enhanced Capital And Income FundCIIBlackRock Advisors0.45$100-499mTier 3
Total Equity Market Index FundQSYT. Rowe Price Associates0.45$100-499mTier 3
JPMorgan Research Market Neutral FundJMNSXJPMorgan Asset Management0.45$100-499mTier 3
Fidelity Advisor Consumer Discretionary FundFCECXFidelity0.44$100-499mTier 3
Select Consumer Discretionary PortfolioFSCPXFidelity0.44$100-499mTier 3
1290 VT Socially Responsible PortfolioAXA Equitable Funds Management Group0.44$100-499mTier 3
1919 Investment Counsel Financial Services FundLMRIX1919 Investment Counsel0.43$100-499mTier 3
Cornercap Fundametrics Large-Cap ETFFUNLCornercap Investment Counsel0.43$100-499mTier 3
Alphasimplex Global Alternatives FundGAFAXNatixis Asset Management Advisors0.43$100-499mTier 3
Ai Powered Equity ETFAIEQFactor Advisors0.43$100-499mTier 3
Fidelity Magellan K6 FundFMKFXFidelity0.43$100-499mTier 3
Small Cap II FundSECAXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.43$100-499mTier 3
Wisdomtree U.S. Dividend Ex-Financials FundDTNWisdomTree Asset Management0.42$100-499mTier 3
Fidelity U.S. Low Volatility Equity FundFULVXFidelity0.42$100-499mTier 3
Value Line Capital Appreciation FundVLIIXValue Line0.42$100-499mTier 3
Vip Consumer Discretionary PortfolioVFCDSIVFidelity0.4$100-499mTier 3
Federated Hermes MDT Large Cap Growth Fund (Formerly, Federated MDT Large Cap Growth Fund)QILGXFederated Hermes0.4$100-499mTier 3
SPDR S&P Retail ETFXRTState Street Global Advisors0.4$100-499mTier 3
TC Quant Large-Cap Value FundTEVIXTIAA-CREF Asset Management0.4$100-499mTier 3
Ishares Global Industrials ETFEXIBlackRock Advisors0.39$100-499mTier 3
SPDR MSCI ACWI Low Carbon Target ETFLOWCState Street Global Advisors0.39$100-499mTier 3
Putnam VT Multi-Cap Core FundVPIVIBVPutnam Investment Management0.38$100-499mTier 3
Ishares Russell Small/Mid-Cap Index FundBSMIXBlackRock Advisors0.38$100-499mTier 3
Blackrock Advantage SMID Cap FundMASPXBlackRock Advisors0.36$100-499mTier 3
First Trust Nasdaq Bank ETFFTXOFirst Trust Advisors0.36$100-499mTier 3
Wisdomtree Global High Dividend FundDEWWisdomTree Asset Management0.36$100-499mTier 3
Harbor Mid Cap Value FundHRMVXHarbor Funds0.36$100-499mTier 3
Putnam Research FundPLJMXPutnam Investment Management0.35$100-499mTier 3
Putnam VT George Putnam Balanced FundVPGPIBVPutnam Investment Management0.35$100-499mTier 3
Eq/Clearbridge Select Equity Managed Volatility PortfolioEQCSEMVAXA Equitable Funds Management Group0.34$100-499mTier 3
Wahed FTSE USA Shariah ETFHLALActive Weighting Advisors0.34$100-499mTier 3
Invesco Dow Jones Industrial Average Dividend ETFDJDInvesco0.32$100-499mTier 3
Blackrock Advantage Global FundMKGCXBlackRock Advisors0.32$100-499mTier 3
Ishares MSCI USA Equal Weighted ETFEUSABlackRock Advisors0.32$100-499mTier 3
Janus Henderson Research PortfolioJAGRXJanus Henderson0.31$100-499mTier 3
Frontier MFG Global Equity FundFMGEXFrontegra Asset Management0.31$100-499mTier 3
Invesco Sandp 500 (R) High Beta ETFSPHBInvesco0.3$100-499mTier 3
Guidepath Growth And Income FundGPIGXAssetmark Investment Services0.3$100-499mTier 3
Blackrock Exchange PortfolioSTSEXBlackRock Advisors0.3$100-499mTier 3
Invesco Zacks Multi-Asset Income ETFCVYInvesco0.29$100-499mTier 4
SPDR S&P 1500 Value Tilt ETFVLUState Street Global Advisors0.29$100-499mTier 4
Elfun Diversified Fund - US Index Equity SleeveeldfxGeneral Electric Asset Management0.29$100-499mTier 4
Goldman Sachs Variable Insurance Trust -- Goldman Sachs Equity IndexGSVEQISGoldman Sachs Asset Management (US)0.29$100-499mTier 4
State Street S&P 500 Index V.I.S. FundSSSPXState Street Global Advisors0.29$100-499mTier 4
SPDR Russell 1000 Momentum Focus ETFONEOState Street Global Advisors0.29$100-499mTier 4
SPDR Portfolio MSCI Global Stock Market ETFSPGMState Street Global Advisors0.29$100-499mTier 4
Fidelity Advisor Value FundFVIFXFidelity0.28$100-499mTier 4
Fidelity Blue Chip Value ETFFBCVFidelity0.28$100-499mTier 4
Ishares MSCI Global Energy Producers ETFFILLBlackRock Advisors0.27$100-499mTier 4
Blackrock Natural Resources TrustMDGRXBlackRock Advisors0.27$100-499mTier 4
Schwab Large-Cap Growth FundSWLSXCharles Schwab Investment Management0.25$100-499mTier 4
SPDR Sandp 500 ESG ETFEFIVState Street Global Advisors0.25$100-499mTier 4
Blackrock Advantage U.S. Total Market FundMASPXBlackRock Advisors0.25$100-499mTier 4
Invesco Dynamic Energy Exploration And Production ETFPXEInvesco0.25$100-499mTier 4
Value Line Select Growth FundVILSXValue Line0.25$100-499mTier 4
Blackrock Energy Opportunities FundBACAXBlackRock Advisors0.25$100-499mTier 4
Delaware Equity Income FundFIUUXDelaware / Ivy0.25$100-499mTier 4
Blackrock Credit Strategies FundCRDAXBlackRock Advisors0.24$100-499mTier 4
Invesco DWA Energy Momentum ETFPXIInvesco0.24$100-499mTier 4
Janus Henderson Global Value FundJPPNXJanus Henderson0.23$100-499mTier 4
BNY Mellon Global Equity Income FundDQEIXThe Dreyfus Corporation0.23$100-499mTier 4
Virtus Total Return Fund Inc.(Fka Virtus Global Dividend And Income FundZTRZweig Advisers0.23$100-499mTier 4
Select Air Transportation PortfolioFSAIXFidelity0.22$100-499mTier 4
Fidelity Advisor Equity Value FundFAIVXFidelity0.21$100-499mTier 4
State Street Institutional U.S. Equity FundSUSIXState Street Global Advisors0.21$100-499mTier 4
Invesco V.I. Diversified Dividend FundVMVDGXVInvesco0.21$100-499mTier 4
Vip Consumer Staples PortfolioVFCSTVVFidelity0.2$100-499mTier 4
Ishares U.S. Dividend And Buyback ETFDIVBBlackRock Advisors0.19$100-499mTier 4
Advisors Inner Circle Fund III - Aperture Investors New World Opportunities FundANWOXAdvisors Inner Circle0.19$100-499mTier 4
Aperture Investors New World Opportunities FundANWRXAperture Investors0.19$100-499mTier 4
Ishares MSCI Kokusai ETFTOKBlackRock Advisors0.19$100-499mTier 4
Multi-Strategy Total Return FundTMSRXT. Rowe Price Associates0.19$100-499mTier 4
Sit Mid Cap Growth FundNBNGXSit Investment Associates0.19$100-499mTier 4
Fidelity Value Discovery K6 FundFDVKXFidelity0.18$100-499mTier 4
Vanguard S&P 500 Value Index FundVSPVXVanguard Group0.18$100-499mTier 4
Guidepath Tactical Allocation FundGITUXAssetmark Investment Services0.18$100-499mTier 4
Ishares Edge MSCI USA Size Factor ETFSIZEBlackRock Advisors0.18$100-499mTier 4
Ishares Global Utilities ETFJXIBlackRock Advisors0.17$100-499mTier 4
Vanguard US Multifactor ETFVFMFVanguard Group0.17$100-499mTier 4
Fidelity Global Equity Income FundFGILXFidelity0.17$100-499mTier 4
VP Income & GrowthAVGIXAmerican Century Investment Management0.16$100-499mTier 4
Fidelity Stock Selector Large Cap Value FundFSLVXFidelity0.15$100-499mTier 4
Blackrock Small Cap Index V.I. FundBSIVXBlackRock Advisors0.15$100-499mTier 4
Fidelity Blue Chip Growth ETFFBCGFidelity0.15$100-499mTier 4
Eq/Franklin Small Cap Value Managed Volatility PortfolioEQVMVUAAXA Equitable Funds Management Group0.14$100-499mTier 4
Vanguard US Quality Factor ETFVFQYVanguard Group0.14$100-499mTier 4
Vanguard MEGA Cap Index FundVMCTXVanguard Group0.13$100-499mTier 4
Invesco V.I. American Value FundUMCCXInvesco0.13$100-499mTier 4
Morningstar Funds Trust - Morningstar Alternatives CMSTVXMorningstar Investment Management0.12$100-499mTier 4
Franklin Liberty U.S. Low Volatility ETFFLLVFranklin Templeton0.12$100-499mTier 4
Vanguard MEGA Cap Value Index FundVMVLXVanguard Group0.11$100-499mTier 4
Vanguard US Momentum Factor ETFVFMOVanguard Group0.11$100-499mTier 4
Vip Energy PortfolioVFNRGIVFidelity0.11$100-499mTier 4
Calamos Phineus Long/Short FundCPLIXCalamos Asset Management0.11$100-499mTier 4
Vanguard Consumer Discretionary Index FundVCDAXVanguard Group0.11$100-499mTier 4
Fidelity Equity-Income K6 FundFEKFXFidelity0.11$100-499mTier 4
Vanguard Alternative Strategies FundVASFXVanguard Group0.1$100-499mTier 4
Davenport Balanced Income FundDBALXDavenport & Company0.1$100-499mTier 4
Homestead Growth FundHNASXHomestead Funds0.1$100-499mTier 4
Fidelity Women'S Leadership FundFWOMXFidelity0.09$100-499mTier 4
Wilshire Large Company Growth FundWLCGXWilshire Associates Incorporated0.09$100-499mTier 4
Federated Hermes MDT All Cap Core Fund (Formerly, Federated MDT All Cap Core Fund)QIACXFederated Hermes0.09$100-499mTier 4
Federated Hermes MDT Balanced Fund (Formerly, Federated MDT Balanced Fund)QIBGXFederated Hermes0.09$100-499mTier 4
City National Rochdale U.S. Core Equity FundCNRWXCity National Rochdale0.08$100-499mTier 4
Select Natural Gas PortfolioFSNGXFidelity0.07$100-499mTier 4
Franklin Natural Resources FundFRNRXFranklin Templeton0.07$100-499mTier 4
SOFI Select 500 ETFSFYToroso Investments0.07$100-499mTier 4
Davis Select U.S. Equity ETFDUSADavis Advisers0.06$100-499mTier 4
Davis Appreciation And Income FundDCSCXDavis Advisers0.06$100-499mTier 4
AIG Strategic Value FundSFVWXAIG Global Investment Group0.06$100-499mTier 4
Davis Value PortfolioQDVPAXDavis Advisers0.05$100-499mTier 4
Frontier MFG Select Infrastructure FundFMSIXFrontegra Asset Management0.05$100-499mTier 4
Systematic Core FundVCGAXVariable Annuity Life Insurance Company0.05$100-499mTier 4
Chestnut Street Exchange FundCHNTXBlackRock Advisors0.04$100-499mTier 4
Transamerica Energy InfrastructureTMLPXTransAmerica Funds0.04$100-499mTier 4
Calamos Long/Short Equity & Dynamic Income TrustCPZCalamos Asset Management0.03$100-499mTier 4
Invesco KBW Property And Casualty Insurance ETFKBWPInvesco0.03$100-499mTier 4
Steward Large Cap Enhanced IndexSEECXSteward Funds0.03$100-499mTier 4
Natixis Oakmark FundNEFOXNatixis Asset Management Advisors0.03$100-499mTier 4
TCW Strategic Income FundTSITCW Asset Management Co0.02$100-499mTier 4
Poplar Forest PartnersPFPFXPoplar Forest Partners0.01$100-499mTier 4
Needham Growth FundNEEGXNeedham Investment Management0.01$100-499mTier 4
Appreciation PortfolioThe Dreyfus Corporation0.01$100-499mTier 4
Calamos Global Opportunities FundCVLOXCalamos Asset Management0.01$100-499mTier 4
Aptus Drawdown Managed Equity ETFADMEExchange Traded Concepts0.01$100-499mTier 4
Calamos Global Dynamic Income FundCHWCalamos Asset Management0.01$100-499mTier 4
AXS Thomson Reuters Venture Capital Return Tracker FundLDVIXInvestment Managers Series0.01$100-499mTier 4
Gadsden Dynamic Multi-Asset ETFGDMAEmpowered Funds0.01$100-499mTier 4
Sa US Small Company FundSAUMXDimensional Fund Advisors0.01$100-499mTier 4
BNY Mellon Tax Managed Growth FundDPTRXThe Dreyfus Corporation0.01$100-499mTier 4
Alpha Architect US Quantitative Momentum ETFQMOMEmpowered Funds0.01$100-499mTier 4
Hennessy Cornerstone Value FundHFCVXHennessy Advisors0$100-499mTier 4
Blackrock NVIT Equity Dividend FundVVNCV4VNationwide Fund Advisors0$100-499mTier 4
The Torray FundTORYXTorray Investment Partners0$100-499mTier 4
Vip Utilities PortfolioVFUTIIVFidelity0$100-499mTier 4
Fidelity Total International Equity FundFIEZXFidelity0$100-499mTier 4
Fidelity Flex International FundFULTXFidelity0$100-499mTier 4
Gabelli Global Growth FundGGGAXGamco0$100-499mTier 4
Davis Opportunity FundRPEAXDavis Advisers0$100-499mTier 4
Davis Select Financial ETFDFNLDavis Advisers0$100-499mTier 4
Davis Select Worldwide ETFDWLDDavis Advisers0$100-499mTier 4
Franklin Mutual Financial Services FundTFSIXFranklin Templeton0$100-499mTier 4
Ishares Edge MSCI Multifactor Global ETFACWFBlackRock Advisors0$100-499mTier 4
Marsico Growth FundMGRIXMarsico Capital Management0$100-499mTier 4
Marsico Global FundMGLBXMarsico Capital Management0$100-499mTier 4
Bridges InvestmentBRGIXBridges Investment Management0$100-499mTier 4
Cutler Equity FundDIVHXCutler Investment Counsel0$100-499mTier 4
Diamond Hill All Cap Select FundDHTAXDiamond Hill Capital Management0$100-499mTier 4
Large Cap Value FundVACVXVariable Annuity Life Insurance Company0$100-499mTier 4
Global Strategy FundVGLSXVariable Annuity Life Insurance Company0$100-499mTier 4
Asset Allocation FundVCAAXVariable Annuity Life Insurance Company0$100-499mTier 4
Core Equity FundVCCEXVariable Annuity Life Insurance Company0$100-499mTier 4
Large Cap Core FundVLCCXVariable Annuity Life Insurance Company0$100-499mTier 4
International Government Bond FundVCIFXVariable Annuity Life Insurance Company0$100-499mTier 4
Steward Global EQ FundSGISXSteward Funds0$100-499mTier 4
American Beacon Shapiro Equity Opportunities FundSHXPXAmerican Beacon Funds0$100-499mTier 4
Provident Trust Strategy FundPROVXFiduciary Asset Management0$100-499mTier 4
Bright Rock Funds Rock Quality Large Cap FundBQLIXBright Rock Funds0$100-499mTier 4
Dearborn Partners Rising Dividend FundDRDIXDearborn Partners0$100-499mTier 4
BNY Mellon U.S. Equity FundDPUCXThe Dreyfus Corporation0$100-499mTier 4
BNY Mellon Variable Investment Fund-Appreciation PortfolioThe Dreyfus Corporation0$100-499mTier 4
Calamos Global Growth & Income FundCVLOXCalamos Asset Management0$100-499mTier 4
Congress Large Cap Growth FundCMLIXCongress Asset Management0$100-499mTier 4
YCG Enhanced FundYCGEXYCG Investments0$100-499mTier 4
First Eagle Fund Of AmericaFEAFXFirst Eagle Investment Management0$100-499mTier 4
The Investment House FundsTIHGXThe Investment House0$100-499mTier 4
Balanced FundWBAIXWeitz Investment Management0$100-499mTier 4
SP Funds S&P 500 Sharia Industry Exclusions ETFSPUSToroso Investments0$100-499mTier 4
Trimtabs U.S. Free Cash Flow Quality ETFTTACTrimtabs Asset Management0$100-499mTier 4
Siren Nasdaq Nexgen Economy ETFBLCNSRN Advisors0$100-499mTier 4
Pioneer Select Mid Cap Growth VCT PortfolioVPIGO1VPioneer Investments1$50-99mTier 1
DWS Core Equity Vip (Formerly Deutsche Core Equity Vip)VDGINAVDeutsche Asset Management1$50-99mTier 1
DWS Communications FundFLICXDeutsche Asset Management1$50-99mTier 1
Quaker Impact Growth Fund (Formerly Quaker Strategic Growth Fund)QAGIXQuaker Funds1$50-99mTier 1
3405 JHF Alternative Risk Premia FundJRPSXJohn Hancock Funds1$50-99mTier 1
Guggenheim Styleplus - Mid Growth FundSEUPXGuggenheim Investment Management1$50-99mTier 1
Alger Responsible Investing FundAGIFXFred Alger Management1$50-99mTier 1
The Alger Funds II - Alger Responsible Investing FundSPEGXFred Alger Management1$50-99mTier 1
Pax ESG Beta Dividend FundPXDIXPax World Management Corp1$50-99mTier 1
Series J - Styleplus - Mid Growth SeriesGIUIXGuggenheim Investment Management1$50-99mTier 1
Knights Of Columbus U.S. All Cap Index FundKCXSXKnights Of Columbus Asset Advisors1$50-99mTier 1
Midcap Stock PortfolioBNY Mellon1$50-99mTier 1
CCM Core Impact Equity FundQUAGXQuaker Funds1$50-99mTier 1
Virtus Allianz Global Investors Diversified Income And Convertible Fund (fka Allianz Global Investors Diversified Income And Convertible Fund)ACVAllianz Global Investors1$50-99mTier 1
Direxion Daily Sandp 500(R) High Beta Bull 3X SharesHIBLRafferty Asset Management1$50-99mTier 1
William Blair Global Leaders FundWGFIXWilliam Blair Capital Management1$50-99mTier 1
Massmutual Main Street FundMMSSXMassMutual Financial Group0.99$50-99mTier 1
Morgan Stanley Institutional Fund - Global Sustain PortfolioMSGQXMorgan Stanley Investment Management0.99$50-99mTier 1
Victory US 500 Enhanced Volatility WTD Index FundCUHCXCompass Efficient Model Portfolios0.98$50-99mTier 1
Ab Tax-Managed All Market Income Portfolio (F/K/A Ab Tax-Managed Balanced Wealth Strategy)AGIYXAllianceBernstein0.98$50-99mTier 1
First Trust Dorsey Wright Momentum And Low Volatility ETFDVOLFirst Trust Advisors0.98$50-99mTier 1
Allianz Global Investors Best Styles Global Equity FundABSGXAllianz Global Investors0.98$50-99mTier 1
Pioneer Equity Income VCT PortVPIEI1VPioneer Investments0.98$50-99mTier 1
Northern Large Cap Value FundNOLVXNorthern Trust0.98$50-99mTier 1
USAA Global Equity Income FundUIGEXUSAA Investment Management Company0.98$50-99mTier 1
Wells Fargo Utilities And High Income Fund (Closed End)ERHWells Fargo Funds Management0.97$50-99mTier 1
BMO Low Volatility Equity FundMLVEXM&I Investment Management Corp0.97$50-99mTier 1
CBOE Vest S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats Target Income FundKNGIXToreador Research & Trading0.97$50-99mTier 1
Institutional Equity IndexMAEQXMutual Of America Capital Management Corporation0.96$50-99mTier 1
Massmutual Premier Main Street FundMMSLXMassMutual Financial Group0.96$50-99mTier 1
Virtus Rampart Enhanced Core Equity SeriesVIRENCAVirtus Investment Advisers0.96$50-99mTier 1
Elements U.S. PortfolioELUSXStone Ridge Asset Management0.96$50-99mTier 1
Defiance Quantum ETFQTUMExchange Traded Concepts0.95$50-99mTier 1
Northern Large Cap Value FundNOLVXNorthern Trust0.95$50-99mTier 1
Lazard Global Equity Select PortfolioGESOXLazard Asset Management (US)0.95$50-99mTier 1
Direxion Daily Dow Jones Internet Bull 3X SharesWEBLRafferty Asset Management0.95$50-99mTier 1
Internet Ultrasector ProfundINPIXProFund / ProShare0.95$50-99mTier 1
Quantitative U.S. Long/Short Equity PortfolioGTLSXGlenmede Investment Management0.95$50-99mTier 1
Variable Trust Nasdaq-100(R) FundVRNASDVGuggenheim Investment Management0.94$50-99mTier 1
Riverfront Dynamic US Dividend Advantage ETFRFDAAlps Advisers0.94$50-99mTier 1
Nationwide Maximum Diversification U.S. Core Equity ETFMXDUExchange Traded Concepts0.94$50-99mTier 1
Franklin Liberty Systematic Style Premia ETFFLSPFranklin Templeton0.94$50-99mTier 1
TCW Relative Value Mid Cap FundTGVNXTCW Asset Management Co0.94$50-99mTier 1
Brown Advisory Equity Income FundBAFDXBrown Advisory0.93$50-99mTier 1
Invesco Dynamic Market ETFPWCInvesco0.93$50-99mTier 1
Morgan Stanley Institutional Fund - Global Concentrated PortfolioMLNIXMorgan Stanley Investment Management0.93$50-99mTier 1
US Vegan Climate ETFVEGNExchange Traded Concepts0.93$50-99mTier 1
MFS Variable Insurance Trust II - MFS Technology PortfolioMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.93$50-99mTier 1
Nationwide Bailard Technology & Science FundNWHUXNationwide Fund Advisors0.92$50-99mTier 1
First Trust Nasdaq Transportation ETFFTXRFirst Trust Advisors0.92$50-99mTier 1
Dividend And Income FundDNIFBexil Advisers0.92$50-99mTier 1
LSV U.S. Managed Volatility FundLVAMXLSV Asset Management0.92$50-99mTier 1
AMG River Road Focused Absolute Value FundARRZXManagers Investment Group0.92$50-99mTier 1
Ab All Market Income Portfolio (Formerly, Alliancebernstein All Market Income Portfolio)MRKYXAllianceBernstein0.91$50-99mTier 1
RMB FundRMBHXBurnham Asset Management Corp0.91$50-99mTier 1
Lazard US Equity Focus PortfolioLZUSXLazard Asset Management (US)0.9$50-99mTier 1
Invesco Rafi(Tm) Strategic US Small Company ETFIUSSInvesco0.9$50-99mTier 1
Virtus Silvant Large-Cap Growth Stock FundSTCZXVirtus Investment Advisers0.9$50-99mTier 1
Mainstay Epoch Capital Growth FundMECFXNew York Life Investment Management0.89$50-99mTier 1
Massmutual Disciplined Value FundDENVXMassMutual Financial Group0.88$50-99mTier 2
Virtus Terranova U.S. Quality Momentum ETFJOETVirtus Investment Advisers0.88$50-99mTier 2
Mid-Cap Index FundTRSZXT. Rowe Price Associates0.88$50-99mTier 2
Wells Fargo VT Omega Growth FundWFVTOG2Wells Fargo Funds Management0.88$50-99mTier 2
LMP Capital And Income FundSCDFranklin Templeton0.87$50-99mTier 2
First Trust Indxx Innovative Transaction And Process ETFLEGRFirst Trust Advisors0.87$50-99mTier 2
Harbor Strategic Growth FundMVSGXHarbor Funds0.87$50-99mTier 2
Alger Balanced PortfolioABLOXFred Alger Management0.86$50-99mTier 2
Thrivent Multidimensional Income PortfolioQTMDIXThrivent Investment Management0.85$50-99mTier 2
Guidemark Small/Mid Cap Core FundGISMXAssetmark Investment Services0.85$50-99mTier 2
Columbia Variable Portfolio - Balanced FundCOLGMM3Columbia Threadneedle0.84$50-99mTier 2
Ultrabull ProfundULPSXProFund / ProShare0.84$50-99mTier 2
Nova FundRYNVXGuggenheim Investment Management0.84$50-99mTier 2
Virtus Strategic Allocation SeriesPHVSTAFVirtus Investment Advisers0.84$50-99mTier 2
Delaware Mid Cap Value FundDLMIXDelaware / Ivy0.83$50-99mTier 2
Thrivent Low Volatility Equity PortfolioQTLVEXThrivent Investment Management0.83$50-99mTier 2
Vesper US Large Cap Short-Term Reversal Strategy ETFUTRNExchange Traded Concepts0.83$50-99mTier 2
Columbia Global Energy And Natural Resources FundCGEYXColumbia Threadneedle0.82$50-99mTier 2
First Trust Buy/Write Income ETFFTHIFirst Trust Advisors0.82$50-99mTier 2
Invesco V.I. Global Core Equity FundUGEPXInvesco0.82$50-99mTier 2
First Trust Horizon Managed Volatility Domestic ETFHUSVFirst Trust Advisors0.82$50-99mTier 2
Morgan Stanley Variable Insurance Fund - Global Strategist PortfolioMIMPXMorgan Stanley Investment Management0.82$50-99mTier 2
Oil & Gas Ultrasector ProfundENPIXProFund / ProShare0.8$50-99mTier 2
Wells Fargo Intrinsic World Equity FundEWENXWells Fargo Funds Management0.78$50-99mTier 2
Deltashares S&P 500 Managed Risk ETFDMRLTransAmerica Funds0.77$50-99mTier 2
Series O (All Cap Value Series)VSBOACVGuggenheim Investment Management0.76$50-99mTier 2
KIRR Marbach Partners Value FundKMVAXKirr, Marbach & Company0.75$50-99mTier 2
MFS Variable Insurance Trust II - MFS Global Research PortfolioMFGRPICMassachusetts Financial Services Company0.74$50-99mTier 2
Massmutual Premier Disciplined Value FundMEPSXMassMutual Financial Group0.73$50-99mTier 2
Hennessy Equity And Income FundHEIIXHennessy Advisors0.73$50-99mTier 2
Columbia Research Enhanced Core ETFRECSColumbia Threadneedle0.72$50-99mTier 2
Government Street Mid-Cap Fund (Gvmcx)GVMCXDavenport & Company0.72$50-99mTier 2
Wells Fargo VT Index Asset Allocation FundWELVTAAWells Fargo Funds Management0.72$50-99mTier 2
Hotchkis And Wiley Diversified Value FundHWCCXHotchkis & Wiley Capital Management0.71$50-99mTier 2
Delaware Hedged U.S. Equity Opportunities FundFHEKXDelaware / Ivy0.71$50-99mTier 2
BNY Mellon US Mid Cap Core Equity ETFBKMCBNY Mellon0.71$50-99mTier 2
Ultrasmall-Cap ProfundUAPSXProFund / ProShare0.71$50-99mTier 2
Transamerica Mid Cap ValueTRMCAI2TransAmerica Funds0.7$50-99mTier 2
First Trust Dorsey Wright Momentum And Dividend ETFDDIVFirst Trust Advisors0.7$50-99mTier 2
Voya Global Advantage And Premium Opportunity FundIGAVoya Investment Management0.7$50-99mTier 2
VanEck Vectors Morningstar Durable Dividend ETFDURAVan Eck Associates Corporation0.7$50-99mTier 2
Granite Shares XOUT U.S. Large Cap ETFXOUTGraniteshares Advisors0.7$50-99mTier 2
Government Street Equity Fund (Gveqx)GVEQXDavenport & Company0.69$50-99mTier 2
TIAA-CREF Life Social Choice Equity FundTLCHXTIAA-CREF Asset Management0.68$50-99mTier 2
Spirit Of America Income FundSOAIXSpirit Of America Management Corp0.68$50-99mTier 2
Invesco DWA Utilities Momentum ETFPUIInvesco0.68$50-99mTier 2
Proshares Equities For Rising Rates ETFEQRRProFund / ProShare0.68$50-99mTier 2
Morgan Stanley Variable Insurance Fund - Global Infrastructure PortfolioMBGIXMorgan Stanley Investment Management0.68$50-99mTier 2
Pacer Cfra-Stovall Equal Weight Seasonal Rotation ETFSZNEPacer Advisors0.66$50-99mTier 2
TIAA-CREF Life Large-Cap Value FundTLLVXTIAA-CREF Asset Management0.66$50-99mTier 2
JPMorgan Diversified Return Global Equity ETFJPGEJPMorgan Asset Management0.65$50-99mTier 2
Invesco Exchange FundACEHXInvesco0.65$50-99mTier 2
Delaware Covered Call Strategy FundFRCDXDelaware / Ivy0.64$50-99mTier 2
LSV Global Value FundLSVGXLSV Asset Management0.63$50-99mTier 3
Nuveen NWQ Multi-Cap Value FundNQVRXNuveen Asset Management0.63$50-99mTier 3
Huber Select Large Cap Value FundHULIXHuber Funds0.62$50-99mTier 3
Icon Energy FundICENXIcon Advisers0.62$50-99mTier 3
JPMorgan U.S. Dividend ETFJDIVJPMorgan Asset Management0.61$50-99mTier 3
WBI Power Factor High Dividend ETFWBIYMillington Securities0.61$50-99mTier 3
Nuveen Diversified Dividend & Income FundJDDNuveen Asset Management0.6$50-99mTier 3
Nuveen Tax-Advantaged Total Return Strategy FundJTANuveen Asset Management0.6$50-99mTier 3
Invesco Sandp 500 Buywrite ETFPBPInvesco0.59$50-99mTier 3
Transamerica Balanced II FundTBLTXTransAmerica Funds0.59$50-99mTier 3
Loomis Sayles Global Growth FundLSNGXNatixis Asset Management Advisors0.58$50-99mTier 3
Locorr Dynamic Equity FundLEQAXLocorr Fund Management0.57$50-99mTier 3
Tributary Balanced FundFOBAXTributary Capital Management0.57$50-99mTier 3
Fidelity Advisor Global Capital Appreciation FundFEUIXFidelity0.57$50-99mTier 3
Small-Cap Index FundTRZIXT. Rowe Price Associates0.56$50-99mTier 3
SPDR Factset Innovative Technology ETFXITKState Street Global Advisors0.56$50-99mTier 3
MM S&P Mid Cap Index FundMDKYXMassMutual Financial Group0.56$50-99mTier 3
Wisdomtree U.S. ESG FundRESPWisdomTree Asset Management0.55$50-99mTier 3
Cohen & Steers Alternative Income FundDVFIXCohen & Steers Capital Management0.54$50-99mTier 3
JPMorgan Insurance Trust Global Allocation PortfolioJPMIGA1JPMorgan Asset Management0.51$50-99mTier 3
Principal Shareholder Yield Index ETFPYPrincipal Management Corporation0.51$50-99mTier 3
Invesco Sandp 500(R) Ex-Rate Sensitive Low Volatility ETFXRLVInvesco0.51$50-99mTier 3
Putnam VT Global Asset Allocation FundVPGAIAVPutnam Investment Management0.5$50-99mTier 3
Nuveen Tax-Advantaged Dividend Growth FundJTDNuveen Asset Management0.48$50-99mTier 3
Delaware VIP(R) Growth Equity SeriesDELGREQDelaware / Ivy0.47$50-99mTier 3
Invesco V.I. S&P 500 Index FundVMVSPXVInvesco0.46$50-99mTier 3
Vanguard S&P Mid-Cap 400 Value Index FundVMFVXVanguard Group0.46$50-99mTier 3
Franklin Focused Growth FundFFQZXFranklin Templeton0.45$50-99mTier 3
Ishares Evolved U.S. Technology ETFIETCBlackRock Advisors0.44$50-99mTier 3
Aberdeen Dynamic Dividend FundADAVXAberdeen Asset Management Limited0.43$50-99mTier 3
AMG Renaissance Large Cap Growth FundMRLIXManagers Investment Group0.43$50-99mTier 3
Mid-Cap FundSIPIXSEI Investments Management Corporation0.39$50-99mTier 3
Janus Henderson Large Cap Value FundJPLNXJanus Henderson0.39$50-99mTier 3
Profund VP BanksBLSIXProFund / ProShare0.36$50-99mTier 3
Putnam VT Research FundVPRSIBVPutnam Investment Management0.35$50-99mTier 3
Putnam Dynamic Asset Allocation Equity FundPUTDYEYPutnam Investment Management0.35$50-99mTier 3
Tributary Growth Opportunities FundFOGRXTributary Capital Management0.32$50-99mTier 3
Global Value Equity FundTRGVXT. Rowe Price Associates0.31$50-99mTier 3
Blackrock Ga Disciplined Volatility Equity FundBGDVXBlackRock Advisors0.3$50-99mTier 3
SPDR S&P 1500 Momentum Tilt ETFMMTMState Street Global Advisors0.29$50-99mTier 4
WBI Bullbear Yield 3000 ETF (Formerly, WBI Bullbear Yield 1000 ETF)WBIGMillington Securities0.29$50-99mTier 4
SPDR MSCI World Strategicfactors ETFQWLDState Street Global Advisors0.28$50-99mTier 4
Neuberger Berman Mid Cap Intrinsic Value FundNBRRXNeuberger Berman0.28$50-99mTier 4
Blackrock Ga Dynamic Equity FundBGEEXBlackRock Advisors0.27$50-99mTier 4
Copley FundCOPLXCopley Financial Services Corporation0.26$50-99mTier 4
SPDR Global Dow ETFDGTState Street Global Advisors0.25$50-99mTier 4
Virtus Duff And Phelps Global Infrastructure FundVGIRXVirtus Investment Advisers0.24$50-99mTier 4
Cushing Nextgen Infrastructure Income Fund (SZC)SZCCushing MLP Asset Management0.2$50-99mTier 4
Fidelity Advisor Global Equity Income FundFIQQXFidelity0.17$50-99mTier 4
Reynolds Blue Chip Growth FundRBCGXReynolds Capital Management0.15$50-99mTier 4
Fidelity Flex Large Cap Growth FundFLCLXFidelity0.14$50-99mTier 4
Schwab Hedged Equity FundSWHEXCharles Schwab Investment Management0.11$50-99mTier 4
Fidelity Growth Opportunities ETFFGROFidelity0.09$50-99mTier 4
Vanguard US Minimum Volatility ETFVFMVVanguard Group0.06$50-99mTier 4
Systematic Value FundVBCVXVariable Annuity Life Insurance Company0.06$50-99mTier 4
Fidelity New Millennium ETFFMILFidelity0.03$50-99mTier 4
Calamos Global Equity FundCIGEXCalamos Asset Management0.01$50-99mTier 4
Hennessy Cornerstone Large Growth FundCLEBXHennessy Advisors0.01$50-99mTier 4
Hennessy Total Return FundHDOGXHennessy Advisors0.01$50-99mTier 4
Cavanal Hill World Energy FundAIWEXCavanal Hill Investment Management0.01$50-99mTier 4
Janus Henderson Value Plus Income FundJPVNXJanus Henderson0$50-99mTier 4
Davis Financial PortfolioQDFPAXDavis Advisers0$50-99mTier 4
Franklin Universal TrustFTFranklin Templeton0$50-99mTier 4
Thrivent Partner Growth Stock PortfolioEVFCXThrivent Investment Management0$50-99mTier 4
Plumb Balanced FundPLABXWisconsin Capital Management0$50-99mTier 4
SPDR S&P Capital Markets ETFKCEState Street Global Advisors0$50-99mTier 4
Sarofim Equity FundSRFMXFayez Sarofim & Co0$50-99mTier 4
Aam S&P 500 High Dividend Value ETFSPDVExchange Traded Concepts0$50-99mTier 4
Chase Growth FundCHAIXChase Growth Capital Corp0$50-99mTier 4
Capital Advisors Growth FundCIAOXCapital Advisors0$50-99mTier 4
Goodhaven FundGOODXGoodhaven Capital Management0$50-99mTier 4
Fiera Capital U.S. Equity Long-Term Quality FundFCUIXFiera Capital0$50-99mTier 4
American Customer Satisfaction ETFACSIToroso Investments0$50-99mTier 4
Leatherback Long/Short Alternative Yield ETFLBAYToroso Investments0$50-99mTier 4

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